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When you’re building your first olfactory wardrobe, it’s a good idea to have as many different textures available as you can. Because fragrances can be worn in so many ways, why limit yourself to only big florals or intense spicy orientals?  There’s an appropriate scent for any mood or situation you find yourself in, and having light, serene fragrances to accent your look is just as important as making a massively sensual statement.

The cosmetics and fragrance line philosophy has one of the best and most popular perfume collections you can find anywhere. They specialize in evocative, but restrained perfumes that complement the wearer not with heavy-hitting drama, but watercolor washes of gorgeous color and intimacy. Philosophy fragrances are invisible silken scarves to be worn lightly and subtly, for moments when you’re wearing perfume just for yourself, or to draw someone in slowly.

If you’re at all concerned about whether a new perfume will work with your chemistry, philosophy has you completely covered. Philosophy perfumes is all about highlighting floral grace notes for maximum sensual impact. Sly ribbons of satiny rose and muguet, musk and bright bergamot float through their compositions and settle perfectly on the skin.  There’s a soft mystery in each of their perfumes that can be discovered over and over as you go about your day.

Philosophy perfumes - Philosophy

Scentbird.com is excited to announce we now carry several philosophy fragrances for you to sample and enjoy.  If you enjoy citrusy, or musky scents, add Amazing Grace to your queue. For a cleaner, buttoned-up feel, Pure Grace’s lavender infusion will add a perfect tailored accent to any look.

Philosophy is a huge staff favorite here at Scentbird.com, and we’d hate you to miss out on what makes this bestselling line so popular. No matter which scent you select first, we know you’ll become as addicted as we are.  

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