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Natural Ways of Preventing and Treating Herpes


Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus and some of us are more susceptible to the issue than others. Fortunately, there are a number of natural ways to prevent outbreaks.


  1. Lysine


Be very careful with arginine, it had been known to actually trigger the herpes virus. It is often found in high amounts in growth hormone boosting and sports supplements. You could also be ingesting foods that contain high amounts of arginine, for example soy, peanuts, seeds, whole-wheat, almonds, chocolate, peanuts, peas and oatmeal. Fortunately lysine seems to suppress both oral and genital herpes and with continued use, it even speeds up healing from an outbreak.


In Conclusion to slow the replication of the virus you can take 500-1000 mg of lysine, this should be done three times a fat. As soon as you feel the symptoms of a cold sore coming on, you can also try taking 200-400 mg.


  1. Immune Boosters


Olive leaf extract contains antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and immune boosting properties. The virus can become inactive and the symptoms alleviated with the regular usage of olive leaf extract and its active ingredients. Overtime you can also improve your susceptibility to colds and other viruses.


In Conclusion twice a day take 500-1000 mg of olive leaf extract as well as 1-2 grams of vitamin C that contains bioflavonoids, this will help your immune function. For further immunity maintenance, add a high potency probiotic which contains ten billion active cells and 4,500-5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily.


  1. Wild over Resveratrol


The benefits of resveratrol is something that I have already written about, however one I have not mentioned is that is able to inhibit the oral and genital herpes simplex virus, it does so  by preventing the latent virus from reactivation. The best way of using it is via early exposure, therefore if you get cold sores regularly, it should be viewed more as a proactive supplement. The sooner it is able to attack the virus, the better.


In Conclusion I recommend that you take one to two capsules daily, the best time is when you wake up and have an empty stomach.


  1. Topicals


Although the supplements mentioned above are able to arrest the virus from the inside out, there are also topical supplements which if you were to get a cold sore, are able to reduce the time it takes to heal. You can find most of them at health food stores, these include:


– Lemon Balm, which is also referred to as Melissa cream: a one percent, 7:1 ration of herbal extract should be applied two to four times a day, this reduces the risk of spreading and speeds up the healing process. Studies have actually shown that those who are beginning to develop a cold sore and apply lemon balm,  by day two the see significant results, the intensity of discomfort, size of the lesion and the number of blisters is reduced.


– Tea Tree Oil, with the use of a cosmetic pad or Q-Tip, apply to the lips, you should not exceed three daily applications.

Witch Hazel, to reduce pain and speed up healing, apply to the affected area several times a day.


– Zinc Sulphate, at the first sign of inflammation and redness, apply once a day.


– Peppermint Oil, studies performed in test tubes have found that this essential oil has stopped various kinds of viruses from reproducing, this includes herpes. Although there have not been many studies conducted on humans, I do recommend that you apply peppermint oil to treat the infected area one to two times a day.


If you end up with a breakout then you may need a medicine to take care of your cold sores. Luckily for you, this list of the OTC medicines that work best for cold sores will help you get through the issue.


Although there is still no sure cure for herpes, it is my hope that the suggestions above help to decreases your flare ups or at least make them easier to handle. Let me know what generally triggers your flare ups and what it is you do to remedy them.

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