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6 Moving Tips To Help You Choose A Mover

Moving Tips
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6 Moving Tips To Help You Choose A Trustworthy Mover

Selecting the right moving company is a crucial step in the moving process. Movers or removalists are the ones who help you pack your personal belongings and reduce the stress of possible damage along the way. Packing and moving houses can be stressful and affect our well-being, but you can beat the stress and sweat if you hire a good mover by following our moving tips. 

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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Moving Tips to Help you Find The Right Mover:

1. Do Your Research:

Before hiring any mover, you should probably do some research. Asking a few questions might be a good thing, to begin with, ensuring that you are not getting ripped off if something goes wrong. You should hire only the best mover that offers quality service and is economical. Comparing different movers might also be helpful in the selection process. Also, you should ensure that there are not any hidden costs acquired by the moving company. Here are some questions you should ask before hiring a moving company:

  • How long will the move take?
  • How do I contact you and the driver during the move?
  • Will my items be transferred to another party along the way? Do you subcontract your moves?
  • Are there any potential charges I’m not already aware of? What additional moving supplies will I be paying for?
  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Are there any restrictions on what and how I pack?
  • Will you pack specialty items, such as TVs and electronics?
  • Will this moving company be delivering my items, or will another party be delivering them?

2. Insurance Options:

Most of the movers take good care of your belongings, but it is always good to be prepared if any damages happen. A good removalist company provides detailed insurance policies that take care of the damages done to your property, precious belongings, vehicles, etc. It is always better to hire a mover that carries insurance because it ensures that if any damage is done to your property during the moving process, it will be covered by their insurance. 

3. Compare The Quotes:

Before hiring any mover, you should ask for quotes from different moving companies. You should ask at least five different companies for a quotation. Once you have the quotes, the next thing you should do is compare them. Since each company will provide a different quote, you can easily compare them and create a list of requirements and judge them based on price and meeting your needs. The lowest price is not always the best. You should not hire a mover with a cheap quote straight away. A good mover will always provide a flexible quote that meets your requirements. 

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4. Avoid Verbal Agreements:

While hiring a mover, it is better to avoid the verbal, on the phone agreements. Never agree verbally, always get everything on paper stating what they are providing and your recourse for damaged or lost items. Always ask for quotations on paper via post, fax, or email. Having a paper trail of communication is always the best choice over a verbal agreement since miscommunication and confusion are much less. An oral agreement will not suffice if the mover does not show up on a moving day; you will have no recourse since there is no formal documented agreement. 

5. Cost Of Moving:

The timing of your move is crucial if you are moving homes while on a budget. Movers have a busy schedule on weekends because those are the typical days for moving houses, and people are free on weekends to pack up and move. So, shifting on the weekdays will be much more efficient for you since the movers’ workload is less compared to weekends. And the cost of moving will also be cheaper as compared to the weekends. Ensure that you pre-book the date of your move, to avoid any confusion. 

6. Experience Of The Company:

One of the essential elements to consider while hiring any mover is their experience while working in this field. Only a reliable firm can sustain the challenges of moving houses and offices for a lengthy period. Taking the services of an experienced firm will ensure that the specialists assist you at every step while minimizing all risks. 

These are a few tips that will be helpful for you while selecting the right mover. It would be best if you did some research, compare quotes of different movers, ask about the insurance options and the experience of the company, to select the best option available for your needs. 

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