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Men’s 2018 Fall Fashion Guide

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Fall is here and is actually my favorite time of the year when it comes to fashion. I love that I get to finally wear my boots more often, my jackets, and all of the sweaters and other long sleeve shirts that I love. I really just love the way fall clothing looks.

Because I love this time of year, especially when it comes to fashion, I had to put something together to highlight some of the newest and some of the classics, that will always be trendy and fashionable.


A hoodie is an absolute must for your fall attire. Whether t is a full zip, partial zip, or no zip, it is just a must have for any man’s wardrobe.

The first of the 2 hoodies I like is the pullover with buttons. There is something fahionable about buttons and this Trensom Men’s Fleece Hoodie YuKaiChen Men’s Fleece Hoodie with its contracting colors for the buttons and elbow pads really make this hoodie pop.
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Just know that this hoodie runs small, so get one size up if you are going to get one.


Next, I always love having a full zip hoodie. These hoodies are just super comfortable and perfect for cool dry days. Plus if you really hate messing with your hair, you don’t have to worry about trying to get these over your head and screwing up you sweet hairdo. This slim fit terry hoodie is soft and light weight.

This unisex hoodie runs a little large, so depending on the fit you like, you should order accordingly.

I really love jackets even more than hoodies, probably because there are so many styles, colors, patterns, etc… and that is probably also why I have over a dozen jackets alone. I think I buy one or two every year and give a couple to goodwill.

My favorite style of jacket really is the harrington/bomber jacket. I understand that they are 2 different jackets, but I am not a fan of a true bomber jacket and I am not a fan of the true harrington. I found this Calvin Klein men’s rip stop bomber jacket that really looks like a harrington but has the fit and feel of the bomber jacket.

I also really like wool overcoats, or some the pea coat as well. I recently came across this mid length wool overcoat. They call this a long coat, but it only comes down to around mid thigh, so I would really call this a mid length.


The FootJoy 1857 line is a very classic and fashionable line that just came out recently from FootJoy to celebrate 160 years of shoemaking traditions. The Stretch Cotten Plaid Woven shirt is very nice for any occasion, but buyer beware, this shirt runs large, so if you normally wear a medium, you need to buy a small to get the same fit you are probably used to.

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I recently came across a new shirt brand called Butter Cloth. I was intrigued by their claims that their shirts are super soft, wrinkle resistant, etc.. due to some special blend of 100% long fiber cotton, so I had to get one to test out. The reality is that the shirt does feel great and I have not had any issues with wrinkles yet, so I think this is a great shirt. The company has a number of different styles of short and long sleeve button up shirts that I am sure would fit any number of person’s style.

Butter Cloth 1 - Men's 2018 Fall Fashion Guide


I do not normally wear wool pants, but the Civic pants that I recently got my hands on are actually really comfortable. I think the 30% blend of Soroan fiber added in really makes the difference. These pants are heavyweight enough to keep you warm in the fall and winter and I am glad the weather has finally changed so that I can make use of them more.

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I love a nice pair of dress shoes and probably pick up a couple of pairs a year. I mostly pick them up because I have worn out the soles of the old ones or I find a design that I absolutely love. I have a pair of tan Beckett Simonon shoes that I really like.

The thing I like about Becket Simonon is that their shoes are made to order and individually handcrafted and already come with show protector bags to store them in. They have a ton of great designs and the price is actually reasonable for handcrafted shoes to order.

95Dean Oxfords Tan Front grande 1 - Men's 2018 Fall Fashion Guide


I love socks that feel good to wear, last a long time, and are fashionable. Sometimes I want the fun fashion like beer and pretzels, and sometimes I want something that is fashionable, yet a still classy, and for that I like the socks from FITS. They meet all of the above and they are a company that gives back and also provides discounts to military and first responders. That is a company that I can always get behind.

Even more than feel-good socks, I love socks that are super fun and quirky. I stumbled upon yet another sock club, but this one does things just a little different. They specifically aim to help you with the fun socks that you like to wear. That is why Say it with a Sock has the fun sock of the month club. It is really perfect for fun sock lovers.

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