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Incredible Online Yoga Store

Do you love yoga and practice it regularly, or maybe want to get more into yoga on a regular basis? I want to introduce you to an online store, Ana Heart, a place where you can take care of all your yoga-related needs in one quick virtual stop.

Ana Heart offers a wide variety of yoga equipment at reasonable prices. You can find all your main stuff, meaning bras, tops and bottoms. Of course, there are also accessories such as mats, bags, caps and other headgear, and necklaces.  And there is a special section for before and after yoga, because that is a part of your life too.

Ana Heart wants you to be a part of their community. There is an events tab on the website where you can keep abreast and stay informed about various events of interest that are currently happening and you may want to be a part of.  For your convenience, the website is also available in English and French

Shopping on Ana Heart is super easy because on the left side, you can use filters to narrow your selection. They have one filter for size, and another for the color and/or style you may prefer, or I should say colors and/or styles. This way, the webstie can offer you a wider away of products but you can get to them more quickly.

The website started as a partnership between Ana and Amanda, who live in London, and Miami Beach respectively and practice yoga, which is the thread that drew them together. Yoga and yoga wear have become a way of life for them, and they wanted to share that with the rest of the community in a meaningful way.  The product lines offered on the website are the result of combining, or you could say synthesizing, the contents of their own personal wardrobes. The results speak for themselves, translating into  amazing fusions and combinations.

So come by the website here. Browse around and check out our amazing selection.  Go through all the options, enjoy yourself, take your time. Maybe you’ll find something that’s just right for you. Maybe you will really like it. We will be happy to take over all your yoga supply needs, now and in the near and far future.  We are here to serve you, and will be here for quite a while to come. Happy shopping people!