Home Advice If you’re not drinking Generous Gin you’re doing life Wrong!

If you’re not drinking Generous Gin you’re doing life Wrong!

A Pleasant Surprise

Like most of the best things in life, I stumbled upon Generous gin randomly and had no clue what I getting myself into. It was Art Basel 2018 in Miami and it oppressively hot outside. I was covering an event and happened to pass a table topped with ornate porcelain bottles covered in black and white floral print. I was intrigued.

The rep noted my curiosity and proceeded to boast that he would make me the best gin and tonic of my life. My interest was piqued but I was also slightly suspicious. Growing up in North Carolina I often heard a Gin will make you sin (turns out it is just the overindulging that does that). This created a subconscious aversion to Gin that took me years to get rid of.

It wasn’t until a food tour to London that I discovered my love of Gin. Let’s just say that after multiple meat pies and several more Gin & Tonics  I was a convert. Since I’ve been back stateside I haven’t had a Gin &Tonic that even remotely impressed me. That is until I had Gin &Tonic with Generous Gin.

The rep did indeed live up to his claim, that Gin and tonic was magic. The flavors were perfectly balanced, it was not Juniper heavy, and it was refreshing. I dreamed about it for days afterward. So I did what any rational person does. I Instagram stalked the brand and I obsessively perused the Generous Gin website. Turns out there was much more to the brand than a beautiful bottle and soft elegant flavors.

A lesson in Gin

Generous Gin is a French artisan gin that is made in small batches in Cognac. It was created to be the best Gin for a proper Gin & Tonic. This Gin is simple, soft, and perfectly balanced. It features 5 botanicals (Jasmine, Elderflower, lemon, and Tangerine) that create a complex aromatic flavor. Generous Gin is distinct but delicate which means you can really enjoy the flavors without being overwhelmed.

When you drink Generous Gin you’ll taste the perfect balance struck between floral and citrus notes. The is a very fresh Gin and you can drink it neat if you are a true Gin lover. On first sniff and taste, you are not overwhelmed with Juniper so the flavor profile was very enjoyable to me.

Generous Gin was created to be the best Gin for a Gin and Tonic.  The rep told me that a Gin & Tonic is a sum of all its parts so use the best tonic water and the freshest ingredients you can find. They also have an organic version for the cool kids.

Grab a bottle of Generous Gin asap and feel free to thank me later! For the best Gin & Tonic of your life follow this recipe.

Generous & Tonic

– 2 oz of Generous Gin

– Tonic Water

– 3 leaves of fresh basil ( smash in the palm of your hand to release the essence)

– 2 grains of Himalaya salt

– Peppercorn (5 or 6)

– Ice

Generous Gin graciously provided the Aspiring Gentlemen with a bottle. All opinions are my own.