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How To Improve Your Attractiveness

Attractiveness is just as important to men as it is to women. Knowing and believing that you look good does wonders for your self-esteem and goes a long way towards increasing your confidence. Studies also show that attractive people are generally considered younger, healthier and more successful than their peers. They receive more attention and people generally listen and respond more positively to them.

While you certainly need other inner qualities such as being respectful and trustworthy, you cannot underestimate the influence that your attractiveness will have on your social interactions. The more attractive others consider you, the more likely they’ll want to interact with you. This applies to your interactions with the opposite sex, your friends as well as your colleagues at work.

Luckily, attractiveness is not just something you are born with. You can make yourself more attractive by tweaking a few things here and there to improve on your overall appearance. Here are some areas you can work on to increase your attractiveness:


It is no secret that clean white teeth are more attractive than yellow, stained ones. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend lots of money on whitening your teeth, as you can purchase affordable do-it-yourself whitening kits at a pharmacy. Also remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day and to floss regularly to maintain fresh breath.


Eyewear can either increase or decrease your attractiveness. For instance, a good pair of glasses that suits your facial shape can make you look more handsome. On the other hand, they might obscure some of your best features. Contact lenses offer a good alternative; however, they can be irritable. Laser vision correction or LASIK eye surgery is another viable and convenient alternative for correcting your vision.


A good haircut can also go a long way towards making you more attractive. Get a hairstylist who can sculpt your hair according to your unique head and facial shape. Additionally, make a habit of regularly shampooing your hair to keep it clean and healthy.

Fashion sense

Your clothes play a major role in determining your attractiveness. Dirty, baggy or wrinkled clothes are off-putting, regardless of how comfortable they are. Ditch them for clean, ironed clothes in the correct size and fitting. Add a good pair of shoes and some cologne or deodorant to complete your attire.



Great posture exudes confidence. Learn to stand straight and walk tall with your head up and shoulders back. Avoid slouching and slumping, as these not only make you look insecure, but also throw your spine out of alignment.

Health and nutrition

Your daily lifestyle and nutrition habits influence your health and physical appearance. Eat a balanced and healthy diet for this reason. Additionally, take up a regular exercise regimen to keep you at a healthy weight while warding off certain lifestyle diseases at the same time.

Remember that attractiveness is not merely about what you can see. In order to improve your overall desirability, you need to work on both your inner and outer attributes. Make positive changes on your physical appearance and learn to treat people with courtesy and respect and your attractiveness will automatically increase.

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