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What Credentials Should You Expect From Your Hairdresser?

Going to the hairdressers for a haircut or decent styling should not have to be that complicated right? I mean, no one ever wants to come out of their hairdressers looking like something the cat dragged in. You rather go in that way and come out looking ready to conquer the world.

So what would guarantee that your hairdresser is able to deliver impeccable service?


Hairdressers (obviously) should have some form of training, either gotten from college or on an apprenticeship. I doubt you’d let anyone touch your hair if they said “oh I’ve never had any training. I just think I’d be good at it.” Uh, no thanks! Find me a professional please! There are fulltime and part time college options for hairdressing so the process of acquiring the skill does not have to be tedious.

2. Creativity and an Awareness of Fashion

This should go without saying, no? Because sometimes you show up at your hairdressers’ feeling uninspired and clueless about your next look. It would be really lovely to have your hairdresser make a recommendation of something that might suit you or even show you pictures of styles they think you would like.

An awareness of fashion and trends also comes in handy as far as making recommendations are concerned.

3. Customer Service and People Skills


Few things are worse than poor customer service from a service provider. Like when you tell your hairdresser what you want and they insist on something different and it turns out awful and they don’t seem too bothered by it. No. Fix it please!

The bathrooms, the general outlook of the salon, the appearance and conduct of the staff all count towards customer service. The hairdresser should know and look out for these in ensuring the delivery of topnotch services.

4.  An insurance policy

If something were to ever go wrong at the hairdressers, some sort of accident that leaves you with some injury, no matter how minor, it’s important that you are able to get adequately compensated. Hairdresser insurance comes in varying options that will enable them pay off whatever liabilities they accrue in the course of running their business. So yes, your hairdresser needs one!

So next time you go visit your hairdresser, you know what expectations are reasonable to have right?

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