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9 Travel Locations Any Hunter Needs to Put on Their Bucket List

The woods by your house are fine. The game lands a short drive away are good. And even the occasional trip out of town can be fun. But, none of them are world class. If you’re trying to make the most out of your hunting trip, you can’t forget the ‘trip’ aspect of your journey. Of course, your purpose is to bring home a trophy — that should remain goal number one. There’s no harm in planning your expedition around a unique and exciting destination though.

Don’t pass up an opportunity to discover new species, take in amazing sights, and experience different cultures. With nearly 40 percent of Americans enjoying some sort of wildlife recreation every year, there are plenty enough outdoorsmen and women to provide resources, tips, and tricks for your voyage. Nearly 31 percent of hunters venture outside their home area to enjoy the attractions that other regions have to offer.

Aside from mapping out your trip, researching the local hunting rules and regulations, and investigating your target’s traits, you’ll need to be physically prepared. Outfitting yourself with the proper gear is essential for a safe and comfortable journey. So, grab your favorite hunting rifle, scoop up a proper pair of hunting boots, pack some extra camouflage, and prepare for an exciting trip. You’re going to want to soak in every second of your incredible hunting trip to one of these premier hunting destinations.

1. Namibia

If you’re looking to start an amazing trophy room — or just add to it — this is the place to go. There is no greater hunting experience than a safari in Mama Africa. Whether you want a lion, zebra, warthog, or leopard on your wall, Namibia has it all. The incredible diversity of species combines with remarkable landscapes to provide a matchless experience. Don’t forget to take your camera and binoculars to catch all the surreal wildlife encounters and exotic birds. It may be an expensive once-in-a-lifetime trip, but your journey will be well worth it.

2. Tanzania


Another African estate, many refer to Tanzania as a hunter’s paradise. National parks and reserves sprinkle the nation with the intent of specifically appealing to hunters. As with Namibia, there is a wide array of animals to select from. The world-renowned Serengeti in the north is home to the largest mammal and bird migration in the world. Not only will you be able to hunt world-class animals, you’ll witness a natural phenomenon not available anywhere else in the world.

3. Northwest Montana

With a 90 percent success rate, a black bear hunt near the Idaho border is one of the most fun and rewarding voyages on earth. Nearby national parks and the beckoning call of the Pacific Northwest also means that Big Sky country offers plenty more than just a simple hunting trip. For the best results, plan for a springtime visit.

4. Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Winter hunts are a different animal — literally. Bobcat hunts in the Great Lakes State are reserved for the early months of the year. You may need to bulk up on your equipment to get through the fresh snowfall, but the promise of capturing an ultra-elusive species is all the reason you need to plan your next adventure.

5. Louisiana Bayou

Traveling to the American South is not always about the hunt. Explore the swamplands and scope out alligators, hogs, and plenty more wild species before heading out to experience the wild night culture.

6. Denali Preserve, Alaska


If the black bear in Montana don’t entice you, their larger cousins to the north certainly should. Mountainous lands and wooded reserves make this one of the most beautiful hunting grounds on earth. The one caveat is that you’ll need to be accompanied by a relative who is an Alaskan resident or an Alaskan-licensed guide.

7. Pakistan

If you’re thinking that a trip to Pakistan might be dangerous, you are probably right. But, exotic species like Himalayan Ibex and Blue Sheep might just be too hard to pass up.

8. Sonoran Desert, Mexico

Watch out for the rattlesnakes and the treacherous terrain. But you’ll mostly want to watch out for bighorn rams that you can hunt.

9. Northern Territories, Australia

The ultimate hunter’s dream, Australia has the animals, views, and parties to keep any group entertained.

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