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How A Gentleman Bounces Back After The Loss of His Job

In the film Glengarry Glen Ross (perhaps one of the greatest meditations on modern masculinity of our time) Jack Lemon’s character says “A man is his job!”. It can certainly feel that way. While we live in an age where women are also encouraged to strive for the careers they want without having to choose between motherhood and success at work, one could argue that there’s more pressure than ever on men to define themselves through their work. In an uncertain economy, where in most of the world inflation is outpacing real terms wage growth we feel that not only must we define ourselves through our work and careers, we must make as much hay as possible while there’s still a glimmer of sunlight… Because who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Thus, when a gentleman in 2018 loses his job, it can come as a huge blow to his sense of self worth, his masculinity and his personal and professional pride. Some of us are able to shrug it off and fall into another job by the end of the week. Others take a great deal of time to recover, seeing their lack of employment as an existential crisis. Here are some ways in which a gentleman rolls with this devastating punch…

Make lifestyle adjustments accordingly

While your unemployment is just a fleeting and temporary blip, you need to make some lifestyle adjustments to mitigate the effects. Depending on your circumstances you may want to head to needtosellmyhousefast.com to free up some ready capital and downsize your accommodation but hopefully you can get by with some smaller adjustments. Cut back on all your non essentials immediately,. Everything from your gym membership to your Netflix subscription needs to go. They’re luxuries and distractions. Don’t mourn their loss, view them as an opportunity to spend more quality time with your partner and family. A walk in the park in the sunset is completely free!

Stay active

Inertia is rarely a productive state for a gentleman. Start off your day with a brisk jog. This will help you to get alert and awake, while starting your day with a spike of endorphins. You need to stay positive and productive if you’re to turn this situation around fast. Then have a nutritious breakfast. Get dressed like a gentleman (no lounging around in sweatpants for you) and start work. Looking for a job is your new job now, and you should treat it as such. Spend the same amount of hours you would spend at work working on your resume, filling out job applications and reaching out to any contacts you may have who can provide you with work, even if it’s only temporary. Speaking of which, reaching out to a temp agency may be a great way to get you back into work fast. The pay probably won’t match your previous salary but you’ll be able to keep the roof over your head.

Talk to your partner

Men are adept at compartmentalizing their emotions, but make sure you don’t bottle them up to the point where you collapse in a shower of anger and self loathing. Talk to your partner and discuss your feelings with her or him. They will help to remind you that you are loved and valued no matter what and provide a healthy outlet for your emotions.

With a positive attitude and the support of your family, you will easily bounce back!