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10 Essential Things Every Gentleman Should Own

Most people talk about fashion as a women-centric genre, and it seems like no one cares about men when it comes to the fashion game. It takes great courage to be a true man and when you are gentlemen, you need the best items to suit your characteristics. From the best-tailored suits to the best wallets for men, here is the list which will let you know what the essentials for every gentleman are.

1. Tailored Suit

You must have a suit which fits you perfectly and makes you look presentable. Every gentleman has an event to get to, and he can never go wrong with a suit, especially one that’s best tailored for him! Black is the color you can always opt for, but if you want to look different among the rest, you can always rely on neutral shades, such as grey, navy blue, and the like!

2. Sleek Wallet

You should definitely go for a wallet which does not create a bulge in your pocket. A sleek design of wallet can do wonders to your personality as it does not make your rear look absurd. Be practical and choose a wallet which can store not only cash but I.D. proofs, cards and a picture of your most beloved!

3. Right Pair of Shoes

As women choose their outfits to synchronize, gentlemen should also choose their shoes according to what they’re wearing! Make sure that you are wearing the right pair of shoes while dressing up. You can wear tan colored sambar shoes with your suit but if you are on a picnic with family, you can definitely opt for sneakers instead. The right pair of shoes can make you look dignified in your own way.

4. Quality Shoe Polish

As you buy the perfect pair of shoes, make sure to buy the right shoe polish for them as well. Just owning the right pair isn’t enough, making sure that they’re well-maintained is also part of the job! The more you care for your shoes, the more they’ll make you look better every time you wear them. It also makes them last longer so you get more bang for your buck!

5. Swiss Knife With Corkscrew

Everyone should definitely own a Swiss knife. Not only is it very convenient for such a compact item, but it’s also a way to protect yourself in times of danger. But aside from its obvious use for self-defense, it also helps you prepare for different situations. Boy scouts grow up to become gentlemen and they should always be prepared! We never know when somebody needs some serious help and it can also help you when somebody has a bottle of wine or champagne ready to serve but they have no opener!

6. Clean White Shirt

Yes, you read that absolutely right! As simple as a white and clean shirt can transform your character…and your wardrobe! It’s definitely a must have for anybody. It can be used for simple days but can be used to dress up when paired and accessorized correctly!

7. Cufflinks

A nice pair of cufflinks completes your look when you’re in a suit. Just make sure that they don’t look tacky, or else they’ll definitely look cheap! This also becomes a great gift for anyone you know, a brother, a father, a son, a cousin, a friend, and so on.

8. Simple Yet Elegant Watch

A watch seems very simple, but that small touch, that little something on your wrist can actually transform your overall appearance. This makes you look more attractive and presentable. It also shows that you respect time and other people’s time, so you would never waste theirs. Make sure to choose something simple, delicate, and classic!

9. Irresistible Fragrance

Have you ever noticed someone walking into the room and everybody just turns around to look at them? Or have you noticed someone leaving the room but their smell still lingers? Every gentleman should have their signature scent, and they should make sure that it’s not a fragrance that gives a headache.

10. Grooming Kit

A gentleman is always clean, tide, and groomed! You should know what products work well for you and stick to your regimen. Make sure to practice daily, and have a set for travel, too! Grooming doesn’t take a vacation when you do!

When shopping for essentials, make sure to have these on your shopping list! Fashion and lifestyle isn’t exclusive for women, men can partake and own it, too!