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A Gentleman’s Guide To Coffee

 Coffee is fast becoming one of the most popular hot beverages on the planet, but in much the same way as a scotch drinker, there are many things to learn and tastes to acquire before you can claim to be a coffee aficionado. It can be quite a challenge to gain an in-depth knowledge of coffee, and this small guide has been written with the intention of giving you basic coffee knowledge.

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Once you have read it, you will certainly not be an expert, but you will at least have some knowledge, which is always the expectation of a gentleman, and be able to demonstrate that knowledge should you be asked.

  • The Water You Use Is Important – If you live in an area where the water is particularly hard, and you want the best-tasting coffee, then you need to invest in some bottled water. The ingredients that make your local water hard are not conducive to extracting the full flavor from your coffee beans. Making coffee is an art, and there are a lot of things to take into consideration if you want to achieve that perfect cup, every time.


  • Buy Fresh Beans Little And Often – Coffee is a natural product, whose taste will be affected by bright light and Oxygen. Rather than bulk buy from a supermarket, try and shop for the best whole coffee beans. A good quality online store will ensure that your coffee is delivered freshly as and when you need it, which will ensure that you always have the best tasting coffee possible.


  • Ensure You Store The Coffee Properly – Even if you are only ordering a week’s supply at a time; it is essential that you store that coffee properly. That means in a glass or ceramic container, with a rubber gasket style seal. This may seem excessive, but remember our aim is to make the best coffee possible.


  • Experiment And Test Different Types Of Coffee – There is no perfect taste that will suit Otherwise, there would only be one variety of coffee. Experiment read other people’s reviews and try different varieties for yourself. Make sure you invest in good quality coffee every time because let’s face it Cava will never be Champagne.


  • Grind Your Coffee – The minute coffee is ground, it begins to lose some of that amazing flavor. That is why it is essential to freshly grind your beans every time, just before you make your cup of coffee, the finer you can grind it, the more intense the flavor.

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  • Never Use Boiling Water – The optimum temperature to make coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. If you pour boiling water onto your freshly ground beans, you will damage the beans and not get the taste you were aiming for. Boil your water first, and then leave it to stand for around thirty seconds before pouring it.


  • Try different Brewing Methods – Try each type of brewing method to find out what you personally prefer. That may be a french press, Aeropress, Chemex, standard drip, or pour-over method. Whatever it is, the same still applies. Try high-quality machinery if you want to truly experience each brewing method. The pour-over method is one of the least expensive and more simple brewing methods that are more recently being offered in most cafes. In 2018 there is a new version, the Melitta Signature Series Pour-Over, straight from the inventor of pour-over coffee and the two-part filtration that is used for all modern drip coffee.

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This is just a short guide to making the perfect cup of coffee. Once you have discovered your favorite blend, and taken the time to master the art of making coffee properly, you will have gained a lifelong skill. Just be warned that good coffee can become very addictive, and you will find yourself constantly evaluating other people’s coffee and normally be disappointed with the comparison. Don’t turn into a coffee snob!

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