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The Gentleman’s Guide To Classic Cocktails

There are some things that set sophisticated gentleman above the common man. Things like a fine, tailored suit, and a charming and affable manner. But there is also something else that splits the sophisticated gents from all the others. And it is most noticeable on a night out. Chic and stylish gentlemen should always choose a classic cocktail when they are enjoying a drink in a bar. Especially if they are on a date and want to impress a special lady!

So what defines a classic cocktail exactly? They are all cocktails that were invented between 1890 and 1930. You know the kind of ones I’m on about; I mean the cocktails that all the characters in Mad Men enjoyed. Ready to turn into Don Draper at the bar? Here are some of the best classic cocktail recipes that all gents need to know.


Dry Martini

Next time you are out with the boys think about treating all of the gang to a delicious dry martini. Ths very simple cocktail only has 3 ingredients in it so you can be sure that any bartender will be able to mix it up in any bar you may go to! Its main ingredient is gin. Small dashes of vermouth and Orange bitters are then added to the gin and shaken. If you like, you can always garnish your dry martini with a green olive.


Old Fashioned

The old fashioned was Don Draper’s drink of choice on the TV series, so why not think about making it your go-to classic cocktail as well? These are incredibly easy to make at home as the main ingredient is grain alcohol, such as a good whiskey. Add your whiskey along with some sugar, bitters, and orange to a mixing glass and then muddle together. Then simply serve in a whiskey tumbler glass. For a garnish, twist some orange and lemon peel and balance it on the rim of the glass. Add ice if you like.

French 75

You should remember the French 75 cocktail for those times you want something extremely sophisticated and luxurious! This decadent cocktail is made with champagne and gin and is thought to have been named after a field gun from World War One. Shake up the gin with some fresh lemon juice and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker, but don’t add the champagne just yet. One the mixed ingredients have been poured into a flute, you can then top the drink up with plenty of champers. Garnish with a strip of lemon peel.



If you love dry drinks, you will certainly enjoy a Negroni cocktail! This traditional Italian cocktail is made with Campari, gin, and a sweet vermouth. Stir all the spirits together in an old fashioned glass and add a couple of ice cubes. This refreshing drink will go down exceedingly well on a hot summer day!

As you can see, there are plenty of different classic cocktails to suit a variety of tastes. I’m sure you will find one that goes down very well! If you are a bartender, make sure you are not serving these great cocktails to intoxicated patrons by getting your TIPS certificate.

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