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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

Did you accidentally delete a file that you have stored in your computer? Or do you want to get back a file that you have deleted few months back? You might think that it is not possible to do it, but it certainly is possible. You just need to get hold of a reputed data recovery application such as EaseUS.

EaseUS is an innovative free data recovery software, which is packed with a variety of useful features. Here is a list of unique and impressive features that you can experience by downloading it.


  • It can recover any file type – You will be able to use EaseUS in order to recover any major file type that you have deleted. In other words, you will be able to use it in order to recover videos, images, documents, audio, zipped files, PDF, MS Office documents and many more. You will be able to enter the file type that you want to recover, which will assist you to narrow down the search.
  • It is compatible with multiple devices – EaseUS is not just an application that is designed to help you deleted files on your computer. You will also be able to use it in order to get back the files of your mobile phone. It is also compatible with external hard drives and USB flash drives. You just need to connect the device that you want to recover data via USB and then start the recovery process.
  • It can recover lost partitions – Most of the file recovery software that you can download from the internet cannot be used to get back deleted files in current partitions. However, EaseUS has the ability to do it and you will get the opportunity to keep peace of mind while using this tool.
  • It has a user friendly interface – You don’t need to be a technical guy or have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in order to use EaseUS. It comes along with a simple and a clean user interface, which can easily be used to recover the deleted files in your computer. You will be able to figure out the options that you need to access soon after installing EaseUS for the first time.
  • It is free – Last but not least, EaseUS is offered for free. However, it is important to keep in mind that you would need to obtain a premium subscription in order to use the advanced features that come along with the tool. If you just want to recover a delete file, you don’t need to make a payment because you will be provided with a free recovery data quote up to 500MB. It is possible for you to extend this amount by sharing the app and getting more people to download it.


As you can see,  EaseUS is one of the best file recovery software available out there in the world and you can spend your money on it without a doubt on mind.

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