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Where To Find Fresh Fashion For The Thrifty Man

Most of us choose to be careful with our money. Budgeting and avoiding debts are essential to living a comfortable lifestyle. Being thrifty might take that extra care a step further. After all, most of us are reluctant to spend more than we think an item is worth. Fashion is a tricky thing to put a price tag on, though. Good brands will charge a premium for the logo. And trends may sway our purchase decisions a little more than we like to admit. So can you really find fresh fashion when you’re watching the pennies?

There is no need to go retro and start picking out preloved fashion. Fresh fashion is readily available at preferred prices, brand new off the peg. You just have to hunt it down! Fortunately, we’ve found a couple of ways to get preferable prices for the fashion you love. Check out these ideas:


There are several websites that publish voucher codes to get a discount on your shopping online. Some will offer those same vouchers for instore purchases too. If you’re looking for deals on your favorite brands, you can always run a search online for eBay vouchers or brand name vouchers to see what offers are currently available. Many of these vouchers have a limited validity period, though. Sign up to social media accounts to have them sent straight to your inbox.


Bank holidays and other public holidays usually prompt retailers to slash prices. You could simply wait for a sale to do all your fashion shopping. However, most of the items you’re likely to find will be end-of-season stock or less popular plus sizes. If you’re willing to queue from the early hours, you may be front of the line in an outlet to grab the best bits. Online opportunities may also be snatched up pretty quickly.


If you’re a good writer, you may soon be attracting thousands of visitors to your very own blog site. Once established, you can also attract the best fashion brands that will offer you free clothes for reviews and publicity. This route takes time to set up. Vlogs or YouTube channels may prove to be a more popular route.


Become a fashion retailer and you could have access to the latest tops, shirts, and jeans from some of the most popular brands. Of course, you may also have a lot of start-up costs to get your business going first, though. Alternatively, take a job with a good fashion outlet for that fantastic store discount.


If you really love great fashion, why not check out the manufacturing process? Sample sales are seasonal and offer the big buyers out there a chance to check out the soon-to-be-released stock. If you can get in, you may be able to pick up a little something for yourself too. Focus groups are another way you can check out fresh fashion. Sign up to get involved with your favorite brand.

Fashion doesn’t have to be purchased for a full retail price. Of course, when you see something you love, you just have to buy it! How do you save money on your style?

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