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Weight Lifting: A Hobby All Men Should Pick Up (And Put Down)

As the famous expression goes: “Lift things up, and then put them down”; the essence of strength training, and something that everyone should make part of their life, so go get a gym pass and then get Weight Lifting.

For all of us, physical and mental strength should be a number one priority in life  if you wish to boost your longevity and chances of success. The benefit of weight lifting heavy weights will be had regardless of your age, starting from teens to well into your 80s-90s, and the older you get the more the beneficial the effects (such as more vigour and lower blood pressure).

In today’s western society, being fit is considered a status symbol, and studies have shown that fitness closely correlates to success in both business and life. Even from a young age being fit will change the way other people see and respond to you.

The following are just a few of the reasons why you should be working out.


Lowers blood pressure

Studies from the University of Michigan have shown that consistently doing full-body exercises (such as squats, deadlifts) three times a week can lower blood pressure significantly. If done for more than two months straight, the risk of stroke can be lowered by up to 40%. If combined with healthy eating, this will lower the risk even more.

Will help keeping muscle mass

As we grow older, muscles start to deteriorate and usually fat is also gained in the process. Doing heavy lifting will keep signalling to the body that muscles are still needed and will limit the loss of mass, while at the same time keep fat at bay. If you want to be fit even when passing the half point of your life, weight training is a great way of doing so.

Increase your metabolism
While running and other cardio will keep your metabolism high, meals eaten in conjunction with heavy lifting will burn more calories than outside of training. Two people of the same build, height and weight will have about a 10% difference in calories burned if one of them trains with heavy weights and the other doesn’t. That’s enough to lose 25 pounds of weight in a year, without any other changes to your diet. Just have your biggest meal after a heavy workout.

Increase your testosterone

Testosterone deficiency is an increasingly common diagnosis in the western world. Men of all ages (but leaning more towards 30+) suffer from this condition. There are many reasons, including diet and lack of exercise, but doing full compound lifts will see your testosterone levels rise. Part of the reasons is that heavy loads stimulate a hormone response in the body signalling that more muscle is needed, and that is one of the many functions testosterone plays. Higher levels of this hormone has multiple benefits for the body, with muscle growth and higher sex drive being two of them. Studies have also shown that lower levels of testosterone are normally associated with higher levels of estrogen, and an imbalance in hormones can lead to all sorts of issues.

Better flexibility
By constantly stressing your joints, and making full body movements, flexibility is improved. Keeping yourself limber is definitely a benefit for anyone; and being able to complete a natural movement such as squats, with good form, should be everyone’s goal. Unfortunately, excessive inaction, such as sitting or staying still, will be detrimental to your flexibility by creating stiff joints and muscles. So get a gym pass and start working out several times a week to alleviate these symptoms and you will be all the healthier for it.