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Best Tricks for Muscle Growth

If you’ve been hitting the gym for a number of years now and are still frustrated with the lack of results, it’s likely that you haven’t tried implementing some of the tricks we’re going to take a look at today.

A lot of the time, being disappointed with your outcomes when trying to add muscle can come from a routine that hasn’t changed much. Your muscle-building abilities often become stunted and you may begin to think that there’s no hope of progressing any further.

PED’s may be a viable choice for people who have maximised their natural gains and want to improve further. In this case, they’d be looking to buy steroids online from a trustworthy source.

Regardless, here are some great tips to implement into your workouts.


Intensity is an aspect that many people are missing. Pushing yourself just shy of your limits is good during the appropriate times, but there are also situations where you need to go beyond.

Applying some intensity factors will accelerate your muscle-growth, especially if you’ve been on a plateau.

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Drop Sets

A drop-set is where you begin heavy and immediately use a lighter weight. A set like this may include anywhere between 2-5 drops; however, if you’re new to them, start off on the lower end and build your way up.

It’s crucial to do this with the right exercises to avoid injury. For example, doing them with a bench press is risky, particularly if you don’t have a spotter. Utilizing them with dumbbells or machines would be more suited.


Some people believe you’ve hit the limit at failure. In reality, you have a little more stored energy that you could put to use. Partial reps can be used at the end of a set where you cannot physically push any further.

In this case, moving the weight as much as you can in a smaller range of motion can cause more stress – the more pain you can endure, the better! Exercise selection is key. (Stick with machines to be on the safe side).

Rest / Pause

This is another amazing technique, which allows you to take the body past failure. It involves completing a set and taking a short break of 10 to 20 seconds, then immediately, go back into the set and do as many reps as possible.

Depending on how heavy you’re going and the amount of reps you’re able to finish, a rest / pause can be done one to four times.

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Things To Know

For compound lifts, such as squats and deadlifts, go as heavy as possible for sets of between 6 to 12 reps. Adding the above intensity principals into these movements should only be done if you’re a veteran at weight lifting.

The aforementioned tips have been found to be the most effective for isolation movements where only one muscle group is being targeted (e.g., bicep curls). The majority of your results will come from the heavier movements, but some intensity may be what you’re lacking to propel yourself into exciting muscle growth.

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