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7 Home Appliances That Can Change Your Lifestyle

Busy life, tight schedule, exhaustion and the worst is to return to a total mess – requiring manual labor to be a place livable. On the contrary, life can be much easier now with available home appliances built with high technologies. Let’s know about some of the most useful home appliances:

Philips Hue: Philips Hue LED lights come with the facility of turning them on and off from faraway using an app. You command upto 50 bulbs at a time. Not only you can have a control over colors and contrast of lights, what’s even better is you can sync your lights with a movie you are watching or the music system, giving you the option of dimming lights according to your mood or home environment. In fact, the lights can even be optimized to wake you up in the morning by turning itself on. How great is that!

Roomba 980: According to online reviews, Roomba 980 is the best iRobot vacuum cleaner available in the market at present. The best features of Roomba 980 are that, it has a camera and can sensor locations by itself. You can command your Roomba to start cleaning from anywhere you want with your smartphone app. Moreover, Roomba 980 can clean almost anything, along with picking up the dust and debris; it can also differentiate between your carpet and your pet’s hair. Definitely the smart home device you need, isn’t it?

Oral-B Bluetooth Toothbrush: Now this one is a really cool gadget and you can find good reviews of it on sites like com! This electric brush does quite a few important things for you. Firstly, it keeps track of your brushing habit when synced with the brush’s Smartguide and will give you a feedback with all the statistics like if your brushing time is enough or not, how regularly you brush etc. Talk about dental care and this brush delivers it! It has three heads, you can swap them according to your wish and even your spouse can use it for this addition! It has six modes for different teeth condition and needs such as modes for deep cleaning or troubled spot etc. Along with all these, the brush also divides your brushing time into 4 quadroons each having 30 seconds for one part of your mouth.

Belkin WeMo Switch: The Belkin WeMo Switch can work with almost all electronic devices. It has enabled Wi-Fi so you can turn the electronic devices plugged in to the WeMo switch on and off. In a nutshell, you can control your TV, refrigerator, lights, fans and many more through your smartphone app!


Nest Thermostat: This device is extremely handy when it comes to warming your house. This device can comprehend your heat requirement along with your schedule and it can program itself. You can also control it through your smartphone and an app. The best part is, it saves up a lot of energy. According to Nest’s official web page, Nest thermostat reduces 10-12 percent heating bill and 15 percent cooling bill on an average. Alluring, no?

Canary Security System: This is yet another smart gadget for your humble abode. Canary security system can be connected to your smartphone and Wi-Fi connection. It changes modes on its own as it can detect when you are present and when you are away. If any unusual motion is detected, the system records it in HD video for better use of the video clip and also sends it as an alert message to your phone. You can even use the Canary app for making emergency calls. For the best use, it records the activities to your timeline so that you can check out the happenings in your family. Moreover, it keeps track of your air quality, humidity and temperature. Fun part, you can share the recorded videos through #CaughtByCanary.

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock: Locking your house or room is as easy as it can get with Kevo lock. Kevo uses a smartphone app to program your locks. The program can only let your family members to unlock your room and it can also determine the time when they can gain access. You can send over eKeys for your guests through your phone. And for you it requires only a touch on the lock to unlock it. Very easy yet smart, isn’t it?

So there you have a list of seven smart home appliances. Try using at least one of them and you will experience the difference. Who says technology is bad when it can make your life so easy and comfortable? Smart home appliances are here to make a change!

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