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When people hear Rosé, they might think of cheap girly wine. They are wrong. They don’t make pink grapes, so how do they make a Rosé pink? The color comes from the skins of the red grape. That is right, Rosé is made from red grapes. The longer the skin is left in the juice, the darker the wine will be—the process is the same as a high $$$ bottle of wine.

I firmly believe you should drink what you like. I love mixing things up and order what I’m in the mood for with my meal. There has always been a “standard pairing” for wine, but I say throw that out the door. If I want to drink bubbles, beer, or Rosé, with your meal, then get what you want. I say go for it. I drink what you want at any time you want.

Rosé is finally making a name for itself. One of them is Rosé Gold. The vineyard is located 50 miles NW of Saint Tropez in France. Made from two types of red grapes: 50 percent Grenache and 50 percent Cinsault. With the warm Mediterranean days and the cool nights, this is the ideal climate for making Rosé. That is excellent news for us.

Rose Gold Rosé is a very refreshing wine. Not many wines can stand alone and not be paired with food to support the flavor or cover up the taste. Rosé Gold doesn’t need to be paired with anything but maybe some sunshine next to the pool. This is a great summer wine for relaxing with friends next to the pool. With summer here, it is a great time to show up to your buddy’s BBQ with a bottle of Rosé for his girlfriend or wife, showing that you have some class and a bonus to get on her good side?

My wife and I are huge fans of Rosé wine, and she loves to open a bottle and share laughs with her friends. This sometimes is the only way she leaves me alone to watch sports on TV.

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