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Tips To Help You Quit Smoking, Fast!

Smoking tobacco cigarettes is bad for you, and for everyone around you. So, if you smoke, it’s time to quit. Here’s some simple advice to help you quit as fast as possible:

Reward Yourself For Not Smoking

I find that our brains respond well to rewards and playing games. For example, if you tell someone to do something, they’ll probably question you. But, tell them they’ll get a reward for doing something, and they’re more likely to do it. You can apply this to your smoking habits. Give yourself rewards for not smoking cigarettes. Every few days you go without smoking, you get a nice reward. The longer you make it, the better the reward. In fact, you can try and get friends and family to help you with this. Ask them to think of rewards they can give you, so you’re more focused on quitting. It’s a little psychological trick that can make all the difference.


Learn An Instrument

Now, you might be reading this and thinking that’s a bit of a random way to quit smoking! But, bear with me, there’s method to my madness. Originally, I was going to write ‘find a hobby’, but, I thought that was a bit vague. And, when you think about it, playing an instrument is the perfect hobby to help you quit smoking. You see, people that are addicted to cigarettes struggle to quit because they’re used to having something in their hands. They get all jittery and can’t keep their hands still. If you learn an instrument, this keeps your hands pre-occupied, while also calming your mind. One of the best instruments to learn is the piano because it’s very time-consuming. It will definitely take your thoughts away from smoking, and help you relax. If you don’t have one, then look for the best place to buy a piano online. There are loads of different types; maybe a keyboard is a good starting point for you? Of course, if you absolutely don’t want to play the piano, then learn another instrument to take your mind off things.


Replace Smoking With Vaping

Vaping is an incredible way to help you stop smoking. I’ve written many articles on vaping before, feel free to check them out for even more info. For now, I’ll briefly explain why it’s great for recovering addicts. As mentioned above, smokers are used to having their hands occupied most of the time. And, a vape pen can help replicate the feeling of a cigarette in your hand. Secondly, the fact you’re sucking in water vapor is a substitute for the feeling of cigarette smoke. The difference is, water vapor is harmless! So, you get to feel like you’re smoking, without damaging your body in any way shape or form. Many people have had success switching from cigarettes to vape pens; it’s a tried and tested method.

It’s simple, reward yourself for being good, occupy your mind and hands with an instrument, and replace smoking with vaping. Follow this advice, and you’ll be cigarette free in no time.

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