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Dressing for a Date

On February 14th, men and women everywhere pull out all the stops in the name of love! Just because the day has passed, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on romance. If you’ve got a hot date in your diary, here’s how to dress to impress:

Avoid slogans & characters

Unless your first date is at a comic con, it’s wise to leave your character t-shirts behind. Turning up in a tee with Stewie Griffin or Homer Simpson on the front hardy screams romantic gentleman. Rather, you run the risk of looking immature.

Instead, leave your graphic tees at home and opt for a polo shirt instead. Stores like House of Fraser have a selection of designer options, although as a general rule of thumb, you should opt for a plain shirt. It’s simple, timeless and the perfect smart-casual option.

Dress for your date

Turn up to the cinema dressed for the opera and you’re sure to turn heads for all the wrong reasons. Not only will you look out of place, you could make your date feel underdressed and uncomfortable — a big no-no for any dater!

Once you know where you’re going on your date, you’ll be able to dress accordingly. For more relaxed dates like bowling or lunch, a t-shirt and jeans will work. If you’re heading to an upmarket restaurant or enjoying an evening out, swap your t-shirt for a shirt and blazer.


Clean up your act

Arriving for your date with your old, battered Converse trainers may give you comfort but what about style!? Believe it or not, your shoes say a lot about you, so you should choose wisely when styling your look. Brogues or boots are great choices for creating a gentlemanly image.

Remember, unless you’re heading to the beach, it’s never acceptable to wear flip flops on a date. Nothing will scare off your date like the sight of your hairy toes!

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