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Ocean City, MD: A Romantic Winter Getaway

Are you looking to keep the flames of your romance burning brightly this winter? Beach getaways have long been known as a great couple’s destination to do just that! After all, the appeal of jet-setting off together to a tropical location surrounded by pristine beaches seems ideal in every way. Yet this type of excursion may not always fit within your budget, especially for last minute trips. This is why coastal U.S. destinations, such as Ocean City, Maryland, should not be overlooked as a romantic getaway, even during wintertime.

Explore Ocean City Hand-in-Hand

Winter can be an excellent time to visit the east seaboard and snag the sweet deals that you’re unlikely to find during the warmer seasons. Local resorts, such as the Princess Royale, offer a variety of great packages that are ideal for couples to use as a means of exploring the area. Some of these deals may include spa packages, golf course visits, dinner reservations or simply keep you in the ‘know’ of local happenings while you are visiting.

Ocean City, MD has a variety of wonderful places to explore that stay open year round. Snuggle together on a pleasant stroll or rent some bikes and explore the classic wooden boardwalk that has been nationally recognized as one of the best in the U.S. by The Travel Channel, National Geographic and USA Today.

Foodie couples are sure to be delighted by the amazing selection of delicious dining options (Chesapeake Bay crab cakes anyone?) situated along the boardwalk and in other local hot spots. While history buffs may find the Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum, among other museums and historic spots, ripe for exploration!

Feel Good Times

Interested in getting a little closer? Let the professionals at an Ocean City spa up your intimacy game with a relaxing couple’s massage. Spas can provide a soothing space to bond with your special someone, plus getting a nice rub down can relax, energize and elevate your mood. Massages help to release a variety of feel-good hormones, including the “cuddle-chemical” oxytocin, which is sure to add a little sizzle to your romantic holiday.


Riding Into the Sunset

Be sure to make use of the gorgeous beach while you’re in Ocean City. The water itself may be too cold for swimming, but never underestimate the mysterious and somewhat magical ambiance the ocean can add to each moment of your vacation.

Need an idea to help stoke the embers of your love? During the winter and early spring, Ocean City allows horseback riding along the shore. Snag a permit (which is not pricey), then surprise your lovely companion by transforming yourself into a horseback riding gentleman worthy of the cover of a steamy romance novel! Before you know it, you’ll be riding off into the sunset together with lavish memories of this wonderful winter holiday.

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