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Dental Procedures That Can Brighten Your Smile

Dental Procedures That Can Brighten Your Smile

It does matter, unfortunately, what we look like. Most people judge an individual solely on their appearance. This is an evolutionary device that has been instilled within humans. It is believed that a person’s appearance reveals a lot of genetic disposition and health.

It isn’t easy to be born with good teeth. That trait is only afforded to a precious few. The rest of the human population must find other ways to tend to the disappointment that is their rebellious teeth. The marvel of modern medicine is that doctors can correct a lot that is wrong with us. Your dentist and other dental experts are no exception to that rule. One of the best dental implant dentists in Boston says that tooth improvements can drastically improve the quality of life for many people. There are thankfully, many procedures that can correct the appearance of crooked or discolored teeth. Here are some procedures that can brighten your smile

Tooth Bonding


This is one of the least complicated and least costly cosmetic dentistry options and involves changing some aspects of your teeth to improve their appearance. This is done with the help of a resin – a type of plastic – that is the same color as your teeth. Once the resin has been placed on your teeth, a special light is focused on the area, cementing the plastic. This can help to make discolored teeth look brighter and to fix any breaks or chips in your choppers. It can also conceal any spaces between your teeth that you may be self-conscious about. This procedure can also change the shape of your teeth and even make them longer. It can also help with gum recession.

Tooth Whitening


Your teeth undergo a lot of abuse every day, particularly if you are a smoker or drink large amounts of coffee. You probably eat a lot of food that is not necessarily too good for your choppers, either. All of this daily misuse can cause your teeth to yellow, particularly as you get older. This is hardly what anybody wants. There is, luckily, a way to reverse this discoloration: teeth whitening. This is when one or more bleaches (no not the household kind) are applied to your teeth. These substances break up the plaque and other grime allowing them to be easily removed. This leaves you with whiter, brighter teeth.



Veneers are great for mimicking the façade of natural teeth. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular. Veneers are more than for simply cosmetic purposes, however. They are also extremely useful in protecting your teeth. Veneers maintain the strength and resistance of teeth while shielding them from further harm. This means that your choppers will be safe from abrasive and corrosive substances that can be quite damaging to them, and ensures that your teeth will still be in good condition when you are older.  According to award winning cosmetic dentist Dr. Carl J. Metz “veneers require a high degree of technical skill and attention to detail.” Since the strength and quality of veneers varies greatly depending on how they’re created and that’s why you’ll want to use a dental office with the newest technology.

It is said that a smile is a universal welcome. It is this, and much more. This is why it is important to take care of teeth, mouth, and all aspects of your smile. It is your smile, after all, that alerts people to the fact that you are a healthy and wholesome man.

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