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Great Things to do while in Berlin

For a country whose past has been marred by differing ideologies, one would not choose Berlin as their first choice place for a trip. This, however, does not mean that there are many great things to do in Berlin. The city offers tourists a great experience and an excellent collection of things for them to do while here, finding things to do with locals to expand your experience. If, for some reason, you also find yourself in Berlin, here are some great things you should consider to make the most out of your time there.

berlin-951616_6401. Hit the Berlin Memorial wall

Find a Berliner who knows the city well and ask them to take you here. If there is a place in the entire world that can begin to make you understand how communist Germany and the atrocious divide did to the people of Germany, the Berlin wall would be it. It is filled with history and an aura of people that fought to be united and makes a great first stop for your trip. What better way to see it than from the eyes and perspective of a local?

2. The Brandenburg Gate

Your next stop, which is best done in the evening, would be the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin with your new friend from Berlin. Hopefully, you have found one by now! It is among Berlin’s most visited landmarks and has more than 300 years of history. The majestic monument is a great stop over for a short photo shoot and is best visited at night because of the less traffic of people and the illumination from the lights that make it even more astounding. Your buddy should be able to point out some interesting experiences from class trips as a kid.

3. Shop

You are in one of the world’s greatest capitals and leaving here without spending a little of your money in the local shops would be missing out on all the fun, there is plenty of stuff that you can buy which includes food, clothing, and even hand-made stuff at the great flea markets within the city. It would not only be a shopping experience but a learning one as well because someone from Berlin is going to be able to show you the best thrift shops and hidden gems.

4. Drop by the beer joints

Perhaps the only beer brand you might know of from Germany is Bavaria. This could be because the nation has had a long history of brewing, and in recent years, the industry has received a boost from new brewers that have set up shops, especially the regional ones. Go with someone from Berlin and ask them to point out the most unique points if you can. You can take down a couple of pints as you catch up with the guys and unwind from an eventful day.

5. Take a dip!

Well, you might not have to do this literally, but perhaps there are some learning points you could take down. For instance, did you know that Berlin has more bridges than Venice? There are also about 70 lakes around the city; hence, a boat trip is always a great way to get around and see all the scenery and the beauty the city has to offer. Once in a while, you can also go for a swim if you prefer and don’t mind the frigid waters.

6. Enjoy a hearty meal

Germany and Berlin, in particular, is a buzz with great food. The one that you really have to eat is the Currywurst. Not just any hot sausage, but the one in the far-off neighborhoods for the best local experience. They are usually cut in slices with ketchup and curry powder. You’re going to love it, but it will also put your tongue on notice.

7. Take a trip to a museum of your choosing

There are about 200 museums in Berlin, and since you can’t visit all of them in your short stay, you can choose the ones that appeal to you most. Some of the ones that do not disappoint include the Museum Island at Spree River, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Berlin Museum of Natural History.

8. Have a taste of African cuisine

To most, Africa has always remained a myth. While going there is a dream for many, in Berlin, you could get a piece of Africa by trying out some of the cuisines from countries like Togo, Ghana, and Nigeria the African Quarter.

9. Aerial Arts

This is a great activity for those that are looking to break the norms and try and do something unique. At the training facility for aerialists, you will find acrobats and jugglers and also get to see them work out their talent. It should be a great learning experience for you.

10. Hit the streets and districts

When done with a Berliner, there are many fun and exciting areas in Berlin, and you could take a fact-finding stroll in the evening to see how each of the streets transforms at night. For instance, the Sprengelkiez is a great spot to catch a beer, and if you’re a lover of art, the Friedrichshain & Kreuzberg are a great option.

There is plenty that Berlin has to offer, and there is no doubt that even though these are just 10 of the most exciting things that you can do while here. Befriend a local Berliner here, and you will discover much more. The more that you can get to enjoy and the more you explore, the more you learn and fall in love with the city.