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Crimes That Can Turn a Gentleman into a Felon

Prison life is not something you would ever envision for your future. Why would you, considering the fact that you never even harmed a fly? While we all consider ourselves to be saints, we must not eliminate the possibility that any of us could commit a criminal offense. This does not mean that all of us are eventually going to become serial killers or terrorists. There are less serious crimes that could still put you behind the bars and end your future. The following are some such felonies that all of us are capable of committing.

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Theft and Fraud

A kid who shoplifted for fun could turn out to become a felon involved in a bank robbery. It is often the smaller crimes that provoke and push people to pursue riskier tasks. Theft is a felony that can ruin your chances of future employment. Nobody would want to hire a thief since the individual can get involved in embezzlement. If you ever get charged for theft, the best solution is to reach out to a legal firm that can help you out. When you hire a reliable legal firm such as Mass Tsang criminal defense lawyers, it will not only save you from prison life, but will prevent you from committing similar mistakes in the future.

Driving While Intoxicated

Just because you haven’t been caught does not mean that you haven’t done it. We are all guilty of driving home after having a few drinks. After all, what harm could a few drinks possibly do? Well, for starters, it could harm your lungs and your professional career. If you are planning to get employed at a well-recognized organization, do know that they do not hire individuals with DUI offenses. Although driving under the influence of alcohol is a simple felony that can be brushed off with a fine, do not forget that a DUI offense could turn into a hit-and-run due to your carelessness.

Assault and Battery

Have you ever punched someone in the face so badly because you simply could not put up with them anymore? If you haven’t, be glad. This one punch could have ended your career for life. There are moments in which we lose our cool and hit someone without giving it a second thought. Such actions can be recorded as a criminal offense. Although, you did not mean any serious harm, you will be convicted as a felon and will require the assistance of an attorney. A simple domestic quarrel could escalate into a domestic assault due to provocation. At such circumstances, only a criminal lawyer could prove your innocence and free you from a legal penalty by justifying your actions with proper evidence.

Such felonies are often committed due to a moment of weakness. But do not consider your life to be doomed due to such charges. You cannot allow the unintended consequences of your actions define your future. With the help of the right solicitor, you can definitely prove your innocence. All you need to do is find a lawyer who will use the right legal tactics to invalidate the claims charged against you.

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