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The Smart Guy’s Guide To Getting The Job

We spend all day there, and it’s what brings in the money to allow us to do other things. It’s work, and it matters big time. But how can you be a smart guy and make sure that you land the job that you want? Read on for some advice.


Think of your resume as a ticket to being interviewed, you want to show your experience and motivations in a two-page document that sparks enough interest for the recruiting manager to say yes, this guy is worth our time.

How do you do that? Well, first of all, be simple. No one like long words and odd phrasing and they just make you look silly. You also need to check your grammar and spelling as well. As if you can’t be bothered to do that with something as important as the first document that an employer will see, how can they trust you to do your job properly if they do employ you?

Also you need to make it succinct. It doesn’t matter if you have a Nobel Peace Prize, no one wants to read reams and reams of information and try to figure out whether you can do the job or not. Use this space to show that you have experience in the field or applicable knowledge and that you are willing to learn.

Cover letter

Your cover letter is also something that is a crucial part of getting the job that you want. It should be more tailored to the actual job role than your CV and should outline simply why you want the job that they are offering.

Also, don’t forget to state what strengths and advantages you can bring to the company. As this can help swing you an interview if they have a lot of applicants with similar backgrounds.

Be smart with your time

The next thing that you need to do is to be smart with you time. Yes, it can feel productive to apply for loads of different jobs, and it’s always nice to be asked for an interview. But if you don’t really want to work there, then you are just wasting their time and your own.

So before you apply, take the time to do some research on the company that you are applying to. On things such as their latest projects, profits, and work culture. For some companies, you can find reviews on what it is like to work there, such as these AlgaeCal reviews on Glassdoor. Then you can get a sense of what it will truly be like to spend you days working for them.

Be polite, be persistent

Lastly, be polite and be persistent. Cal the company up to find out who you should address your CV to. Ask them for a phone discussion about the role, so you have things to talk about in your cover letter.

Follow up after the interview as well, and ask for feedback so you can improve the next time. This commitment not only benefits you when you apply for your next role but can also make a big impression on the hiring manager. Who may just ask you to apply for the next position that they have open.

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