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What is Water Jet Cutting Machinery Used For?

Some pieces of equipment can be very industry specific but water jet cutting machinery is a type of machinery that is used across a host of sectors.  From aerospace and automotive manufacture to the oil and gas industry and even for artistic and architectural purposes, water jet cutting equipment has a multitude of uses.

How it works

Quality equipment such as Omax Waterjet allows the use of a high-pressure stream of water that cuts a narrow line into the material.  It can also cut a variety of different materials as a granular abrasive such as garnet is added to the waterjet to allow it to cut through tough materials such as tool steel and titanium.  This abrasive is added to the nozzle, allowing for a simple switch from one process to the other and makes for a higher adaptable machine.  Most can use from ½ inch right up to 4 inches.

Omax is one of the companies to have also taken the existing technology and added a number of innovations.   For example, normally when a material is being cut, the water jet stream will bend in the direction that it is moving.  This can lead to undercut corners and wide swinging curves.  However, new software added to the new generation of these machines means that they offer the fast and accurate cutting of any shape and also needs little in the way of additional training for operatives to use.

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What can it cut?

Machines such as the Omax range are already being used in the widest range of industries for the most varied of purposes.  For example, carbon fiber reinforced plastics are an area that is becoming popular in industries as diverse as aerospace to NASCAR race cars.  Using these water jet cutting machines to shape this equipment reduced in no tool clogging or restrictions due to heat as well as no concerns about melting or hazardous fumes.

The equipment can also cut all grades of steel from carbon and stainless steel to hardened tool steel.  The lack of heat in the cutting area is a big advantage when working with steel and means that the material isn’t changed by the cutting process.

Choosing a water jet cutting machine

When you are selecting a machine to use within your business, it is important to look at the features included with the purchase.  Brands such as Omax and Maxiem often including additional features free of charge for their clients.  Plus, there are guarantees around quality and standards that mean you can be confident in the equipment you are purchasing.  As with many things, not all water jet cutting machines are created equal and getting the right one is a huge benefit to your business.

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