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How Gentlemen Can Be A Success At Work And At Home

Success At Work And At Home
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How Gentlemen Can Be A Success At Work And At Home

Some may say technology has made life more comfortable while others insist everyday life is more complicated, with these handy tips and hacks it’s possible to sort out your problems and get control and success at work and at home

over your work and home life.

Let’s start with your communication problems….

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Too Many Emails Slowing You Down?

Use Rules, this handy tool works when you have emails in your inbox that you don’t need to read, but you need to keep. This is also an excellent way to make use of expertise.

Creating rules is a standard feature on Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail; you can create a set of rules that help you manage your messages. For example, you can highlight an email from a specific person or even specific words to move the emails to subfolders or designated mailboxes.

Using Rules doesn’t help you answer the emails, but it does get them out of your inbox. While you’re at it, turn off your notifications, answering every email as they come in is such a waste of your time. Do this and establish a routine of answering emails only during a set period each day.

Working like this is separate from the essential emails you initiate, which you can write at any time.

As with any rule, there are exceptions: If you receive an email from a stakeholder, boss, client, or supplier. These people expect timely responses, so you will want to scan your emails periodically for these or set a rule for select individuals for notification only for these emails. For the rest of your emails, turning off the notifications will help you focus.

Prioritize your emails – One of the essential rules of time management is to separate the important from the urgent. Only by prioritizing your emails and answering only the most critical messages, can you dramatically increase your productivity.

Answer in batches: it’s a bit like batch cooking, do it all at once to save time later. For example, if a colleague has sent you five emails all about different things, answer in one email taking each subject in turn, and replying in bullet points. You may find three out of five points are about the same thing.

Online Diary and Messaging Tools

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Whether you are in the office or at home, a shared diary system helps you get where you need to be on time. There are several options, including the popular Google Calendar and Timetree, share with your partner, and never miss another date night.

Slack has become very popular in providing a robust tool for small businesses to chat amongst team members. What makes Slack so effective is there one-on-one and group chat features, Slack comes with audio calls and video conferencing capabilities for individual and team members.

Users say Slack also makes collaboration more straightforward than most chat tools. Users can organize their teams by projects or by using hashtags. Team members can share files by merely dragging and dropping them within Slack or utilizing Google Drive, Dropbox, and other file-sharing services.

Work from Home

If you don’t have it already, invest in some technology that will help you work from home, you don’t need to go to every meeting, and in light of the recent pandemic, you would be able to attend anyway, try Zoom or Google Hangout.

Zoom is the most popular video meeting app for productive work meetings; They offer the first 40 minutes for free and then a monthly fee.

Or you can choose Google Hangouts to provide a balance for both workers and socializes. Hangouts has two versions, one for business and one for friends; again free for a limited period and then a monthly fee.

Skype – some people feel it’s quite old and outdated – but as one of the older platforms, the significant benefit is that you can have a meeting for up to 4 hours free of charge.

Apple’s FaceTime has always been popular and is really for checking in on friends and family but, more recently, is being used in meetings. It is free as long as you have an Apple device.

Learn to Say No

My suggestion may be controversial, and it certainly doesn’t sound easy, but when you have got to the point in your life when others look to you for advice and help, it’s all too easy to keep saying ‘yes’ to everything. In turn, you have given up everything you have worked for by spreading yourself too thinly.

Saying ‘no’ doesn’t mean you’re selfish; it just means saying ‘yes’ to less – quality, not quantity.

Get Some Downtime

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No-one is at their best when they’re stressed, burn out is a real problem amongst younger men, trying to keep up can seem impossible. You will be a better employee, employer, dad, partner, or friend if you can relax and get some perspective.

Success At Work And At Home

There is no shame in re-watching the entire ten seasons of The Sopranos or going online to catch up on the latest online games available. Did you know the new PS5 will be launched in 2020, promising to be the best online gaming device? Whatever you choose to do, just remember to enjoy whatever you decide works for you and you too will have Success At Work And At Home.

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