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Building a Strong Corporate Social Media Governance Team

Social media governance is important for any business that is embracing the digital life. It is basically evaluating and managing risks that may come due to social media posts. When done well, the standards and reputation of a brand are maintained across different platforms. Due to this, it is important to have the best social media governance, team.

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Social media keeps evolving, and this makes managing it a challenging task. You need to have a team that is flexible and can adapt to the changes as they come. To be successful, you need to have two teams: the core team and the extended team.

The core team

The size of the core team will depend on the size of your company. However, the role remains the same. It would be best to have the social media team located at the headquarters. Here are the people who are on the core governance team. However, if you have branches across the globe, you will need to have regional offices that conform to the culture and legislation of each location. When it comes to social media governance, here are the people who form the core team.

  • The governance manager

This is the person who will create the governance strategies and oversee that everything goes according to plan. They will deliver reports on the success of the strategies and is the go-to person on anything involving social media governance.

  • The network specialist

Social media is a volatile field that keeps changing. As a result, you need a person who will keep the team informed on any changes in policies. The network specialist will make a report on how the changes might affect the company. They give their opinion on the best way forward for the company after consulting with the legal department.

  • The tools specialist

The tools specialist knows how the company uses social media tools. The specialist looks for any concerns such as bugs or unauthorized password changes, among other things. They have a relationship with the vendors of the tools which make it easier for them to learn about any new features.

  • The PR representative or brand marketer 

This team member is expected to understand the voice of the brand. They are in charge of content distribution and are tasked with ensuring that the content is reflective of the brand. They know what and when to post and the response expected from the content.

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The extended team

Social media is something that touches almost every department in a company. In addition to having a small core team, you will need to have additional members who form part of the extended team. These members can be from all the departments so that all their interests are represented.

Even if your company is not very social, the team being in place will be beneficial in the long run. The team can bring in new ideas and help mitigate a crisis if it occurs. They can also give information on opportunities that may arise. Here are some people you can consider adding to your extended social media governance team.

  • C-suite expert
  • Budget manager
  • Social media governance manager from the core team
  • PR representative from the core team
  • Risk representative
  • IT representative
  • Customer support representative
  • Sales representative
  • Legal representative
  • Customer support representative
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Important notes for social media governance teams

Now that you have the team, the next challenge will be to keep all parties informed. That is the only way you can have everything going smoothly. Here are some tips that can help with the process.

  • You need to determine how frequently meetings will be held. The core team will be expected to meet more frequently than the extended team, but they all have to have streamlined operations.
  • You need to agree on the format of the reports given by each department. The C-Suite expert will guide you on that. The delivery time of each report has to be determined, as well as the maintenance process. These reports include both brand reports or risk reports. Brand reports show how social media governance has improved the brand reputation of consumers. These reports show how social media governance prevented risks or manage challenges that came about from risk events successfully.
  • How alert the extended team will be in case a risk event occurs. You also need to determine the reports that get distributed to the extended team after the failure or success of a governance strategy. You should also have guidelines on how recommendations are to be made to the core team.

To sum it up

Having a strong social media governance team is essential for the reputation of your brand. With these tips and an alpha team, you are well on your way to having and maintaining your brand standards and reputation in your company.

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