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Are You Planning for Your Employee’s Future?

Thanks to many technological advances and a huge surge in graduates leaving university with no real prospects for a job, employees are becoming more and more disposable because of how easy it is to find a replacement. Whether it’s recruiting a new employee thanks to the lack of jobs and rise of unemployment, or due to companies not needing actual employees because they can hire freelancers and outsource their work, more and more businesses are starting to treat their staff like cattle instead of humans.

A shift in employee relations

In the past, businesses too care of their employees. Not only did they engage with their employees more often, they also planned for their future. Retirement funds, career paths, opportunities for growth and advancement—you name it, they would take care of it. That kind of practice has largely been ignored now by most companies because businesses simply don’t value what a loyal employee can bring to a business. It is sad, but also understandable given how tough it is to start up a business with low funds. Business owners look to spend the least amount of money on their employees and instead focus on growing their business as best they can.

Caring for their wellbeing

222 1 - Are You Planning for Your Employee’s Future?

You want to have employees that last a long time. You want to build trust between you and your employees so that you can rely on them to help you run your company. If you don’t, then you’re probably going to be micromanaging their every move and suffocating them with your demands and requests.

One of the easiest ways to take care of your employees it to care for their wellbeing. You can do this by listening to their requests, understanding any illness or conditions they have, and trying to improve their quality of life. Do your employees suffer from back injuries or are they forced to work on shoddy furniture? Then contact a reputable supplier such as Arnold’s Office Furniture and refurbish the office so it’s more pleasing and comfortable to work in. Do they have underpowered computers that constantly stall and slow down your business? Get them upgraded so your employees can do their job properly.

Preparing for the future

333 - Are You Planning for Your Employee’s Future?

Sometimes, employees don’t care too much for advancing up the ladder or getting a promotion. Many people in the world care more about job security and having retirement funds to live off when they eventually retire. This is why it’s important to treat your employees as long-term investments. Make sure there is a pension policy in place to help them secure a comfortable future, make sure you offer them a secure job without many bumps along the way.

If they do desire a path to grow, then consider spreading out your most trusted employees and assigning them senior roles when it comes to expanding your business. Offer to raise their salary and give them a promotion should they work hard at your company, remind them of the career paths they can take if they work under your brand and assure them that their loyalty to your company will be rewarded.

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