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Bringing Your Company to NYC: Top Movers

Bringing Your Company to NYC: Top Movers
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Moving to another city can be such a headache that some people prefer to postpone this plan until too late. The situation gets even worse if you have to move to the most populated city in the country with your whole company. Basically, you add the office with your employees to the 8.82 million people who already live there. Yet, the removal process can be simplified with proper NYC commercial movers.

What Do We Need from Movers?

Before you hire anyone, you must make sure that they match your demands. Office-moving to NYC is different from one-family removal or a local move. This is why it is essential to pay attention to the company’s services. They have to include:

  • Long-distance move. If your office is far away from NYC, you need to ensure that the company offers moving services around the country and charges fair prices.
  • Storage. Ensure that the company you work with has enough storage to keep the stuff they can’t move immediately. It must be big enough as well as highly secured.
  • Price. Pay attention to the binding estimates present in the contract; otherwise, you will overpay. Many companies offer competitive pricing without extra charges that you will find in the bill later.
  • Positive reviews. They are crucial for every transportation company. Although you can find numerous positive reviews on local moves for a family, you have to search for cases similar to yours. If the company has experience in office removals across the country, it is your option.
  • Moving checklist. Every company provides a list of services they offer. Check out whether they have everything you need.

Top-5 Movers

There is a wide range of companies ready to take the job. You can pick the one you like the most. Here is the list of the most popular options on the Web.

1. Seka Moving

It has provided services since 2017. Long-distance moving is its main specialty. These professionals provide you with a detailed plan of removal for any type and size of the company. Since it is based in NYC, you can trust locals to find the best storage, discover the easiest route, and help you to move in no time.

2. International Van Lines

This company can also help to move your business from abroad. It provides you with competitive pricing and even discounts for seniors and veterans. Customer service is highly evaluated online.

3. Safeway Moving Systems

The company is a well-known removal broker that offers long-distance moving services for an affordable price. Unlike its competitors on the list, it does not work with local moves. Instead, it offers one month of storage free of charge.

4. North American Van Lines

This is the most affordable option on the list. The company can adjust the packing system to your wishes and pack only fragile items, thus saving your money. You can track the whole shipment process with your phone.

5. Allied Van Lines

The company offers well-developed assistance with your relocation. It is responsive to any changes in the customer’s schedule. Yet, it works mainly with big loads.

Find the Best Service

Spend some time to find the service that offers you exactly what you need. Whether you require big storage, comfortable cars, a fast-moving process, or pricing transparency, you can find it all in one company. Check out the options on the list. Before you pick anything, contact them and discuss your demands and expectations. After that, you can decide which one is the most suitable for you and your company.

Featured Photo by Melanie Lim on Unsplash

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