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How to Become Self-Confident?

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We watch in the mirror every day, we speak to someone every day, we think about our lives every day. Sometimes when we do all these things we can ask a question: am I looking good, do I say right things, is it something wrong with our lives? Such thoughts can lead to doubts and uncertainty in the future.


Fortunately, now there are many tips, books, and presentations about how people can boost or produce such an important thing like self-confidence. This site, for example, has a library of different philosophical articles and quotes which would probably affect your way of thinking.  We also tried to be useful for you, our reader and gathered 5 best ways to boost your self-confidence.

1. Everybody has problems

Someone manages to hide it, but almost all have experienced the feeling of uncertainty. You are not alone! If you are familiar with a person who is confident, most likely, she/he also had situations with doubts. Self-confidence is not absolute.

Many people are so busy thinking about the impression they make, that they simply have no time to think about anyone else. You have probably noticed the pleasure with which people like to discuss something of little importance. Attention 99% of people are directed inward.

2. Affirm yourself

Affirmations are positive and uplifting statements that we say to ourselves. These are normally more effective if said out loud so that you can hear yourself say it. We tend to believe whatever we tell ourselves constantly.

Affirm yourself

Praising yourself can also lead to arrogance and superciliousness. Instead of saying the affirmation like this one: ‘I am very good at writing articles’, say a rhetorical question “Who was good today at writing articles?’ Play with your mind, joke with your mind and you will speak the same way with real people.

3. Try to find the innate self-confidence.

Remember that you have confidence in yourself since birth. When you were just born, you did not think about who hears you crying and how you look. You simply existed. Society pointed a finger at you and made you feel the need to meet certain criteria. But this feeling is acquired, which means that you can get rid of it.

Try to find the innate self-confidence. It is in you, it is simply hidden under the compliments, threats, and assessments that have accumulated in each person over the years. Exclude everyone from your picture of the world. They don’t matter. Your “me” is beautiful. Your self exists beyond the judgments of other people.

4. Change the language of your body

Sometimes just positiveness and self-esteem are not enough to assure people that you are self-confident. The way you move, the way you smile and even the way you look at people play a very important role.