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5 Steps to Purchase the Right Hair Clipper

Gone are the days when we needed to cut our hairs in saloon every last Sunday of the month. Hair Clip has changed the way you can personalize your hair whenever and wherever you are. Accept it or not but the initial hair growth of man is faster than the woman, which makes it hard to customize your hair regularly (unless you really visit to a barbershop once every week). And that’s when you can invest in a hair clipper instead.

It is a one time investment which can benefit much more in the long run, provided you know how to pick the right one in the shop. So what are the 5 ways to buy a perfect hair clipper? Also, find out the best hair clippers for men in 2018.

5 steps to purchase the right hair clipper

1. Find out where to buy

Buying hair clippers online is a better option than buying it from a local store like Walmart. It is because you cannot guarantee about the material of a hair clipper. The hair clippers in Walmart or other local stores are generally cheaper ones which tend to break or stop working quickly. Buying from online store has the benefits of choosing a well-known brand and also ability to read reviews.

2. Invest more

You might feel like investing less is alright. After all you just need the haircut doesn’t matter the blades are rich or poor. Right? Not at all. Investing more in a hair clipper ensures a better quality product. And that means it will not only last longer, but other things like features, performance, and battery will be much better too.

3. Dig a little deeper for perfect quality

You must make sure that the hair clipper you are going to buy is a good quality product. And there are few specific things you need to search in order to determine a hair clipper quality.

  • Find out whether the hair clipper is made of cheap plastic or valox. Valox products are hard to break or damage but a cheap plastic material might break into pieces once it falls out of your hands.
  • Check if the blade feels premium and strong. At first, every hair clipper works smoothly but after four-five times of use the blade becomes mild and makes your haircutting experience irritating. So go for a one that stays strong.

4. The Motor

Buying a Lamborghini is not enough with a machine for horse racing. If you are choosing a right hair clipper that means it has to offer a powerful motor that stabilizes the whole clipper on its shoulder. The size of the hair clipper and the price tag will tell you whether it has a good motor or not.

5. Accessories

Don’t buy a hair clipper if they do not include these accessories.

  • Blade guard
  • Clipper oil
  • A warranty (at least six months)

Best Hair Clippers for Men

These are few of the highly rated and most purchased hair clippers for men in 2018 –

  • WAHL Hair Clippers
  • Philips Hair Clippers
  • Oster Hair Clippers
  • Remington Hair Clippers
  • Panasonic Hair Clippers

Choosing a right hair clipper comes with a lot of long-lasting benefits. It does not just make sure that you don’t need to visit your favorite barber every week, but also ensures you are always up-to-date with the new hairstyle trends!