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How You Can Make An Amazing Lobster Dinner

There are plenty of instructional lobster recipes out there for people to make elegant dishes and casual snacks, but these articles don’t always address every problem that a home cook will face. If you are wondering how you can cook lobster when you still need to stick to a diet, when you don’t have time to go shopping or when you are squeamish about killing a live crustacean, this piece should help.

For Those Who Are Trying To Stick To A Diet

A lot of lobster dinners are luxurious, extravagant and calorie-heavy—plates of surf and turf, creamy fettuccine alfredo, and heavy macaroni and cheese are not entirely fitting with the average diet plan. This is not a problem with the ingredient itself, just with how it is often prepared and served — lobster is an excellent low-fat protein full of important vitamins and minerals. If you are worried about ruining your diet, you can enjoy lobster by boiling, broiling or baking it, and then dressing it with a fresh mango salsa as a substitute for clarified butter.

For Those Who Don’t Have Time To Shop

While shopping for groceries is a necessary errand, it can take hours out of your day to finish the planning, traveling, purchasing and cooking. Running this errand can be particularly frustrating when you have a packed schedule—it can feel like you are adding one more stressful thing on your to-do list. You will be happy to hear that the best way to buy fresh lobster is not in the grocery store or fish market — the simplest and most rewarding way to get this ingredient is to order it online. In the same way that you can purchase books, clothes and furniture online, you can click a few buttons and have Maine seafood sent right to your front door. The website Lobster Anywhere will make this delivery to any location in the United States of America, typically within twenty-four hours.


For Those Who Are Squeamish About Boiling A Lobster

If you are someone who is uncomfortable with the idea of putting a live lobster into a boiling pot of water and then closing the lid, there is no need to worry. Lobsters have ganglionic nervous systems, so they don’t feel pain in the same way that humans and other animals do. There is a popular food myth that the high-pitched sound heard when boiling a lobster is a scream —it is actually the sound of steam going through the shell. If that information still doesn’t make the process seem any more pleasant, you can kill a lobster before cooking it by pushing the tip of a sharp knife in between its eyes. As a back-up plan, you can always order prepared options from Lobster Anywhere, like knuckle meat, claw meat or tails.

These simple suggestions can help anyone conquer obstacles when it comes to buying and cooking this special ingredient. In the end, every single home cook should be able to enjoy the rich and delicious taste of fresh Maine lobster.