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4 Steps For Creating The Modern Gentleman’s Lounge

The modern man leads a seriously busy life. It’s likely that he juggles work commitments, an active social life and a family or significant other. For this reason, it’s essential that he takes his rest and relaxation seriously. Creating a lounge or relaxation space in your own home can have multiple benefits. Not only does it become somewhere you can feel at peace but it doubles up as a great space to entertain friends. Staying in has become the new going out. More people than ever before are finding that inviting friends around for drinks and fun can be far more rewarding than dismal bars. Clubs, taxis, and expensive cocktails all have their place. But there are times when we just want to unwind and be ourselves. There is no greater respect we can show our friends than to invite them to relax in our own home. The modern gentleman’s lounge can become a sanctuary for both ourselves and others. You may be surprised how easily you can create one.


The Mini Bar

No longer just the staple of a hotel room, the mini bar now manifests in the home of many modern gentleman. Choose your poison and arrange bottles and glasses on a table for easy-going style. Many people choose to source specific bar cabinets or even vintage tables. But you can easily make use of a spare surface and transform it into an eye-catching display. Liquor bottles and glasses now come in a range of wonderful designs. What better way to add an instant touch of class than to make an array of whiskey, gin, or brandy your focal point? Pair the collection with a few guides on mixing the perfect cocktail and you’re immediately onto a winner.

An Entertainment System

No lounge would be complete without entertainment. A good quality screen and sound system can be an investment. If it means that we can watch movies without going to the cinema, and sports without going to a bar, it’s actually likely to save us money! Sound systems can make or break the atmosphere of a party. If you’ve put together the perfect playlist, the last thing you want is speakers that don’t do it justice.

The Devil Is In The Detail

If a total overhaul is not in the budget or timeframe, we can pay attention to the details. Think about the textures in the room. We can explore excellent seating online through Love The Sign and other great interior stores. Textures like leather can add a timeless quality. If the wallpaper or paint has seen better days, don’t hesitate to add art and posters. Classic cars, movies, and iconic cityscapes are especially popular. Think about whether you’re going for a classic or contemporary theme, and take it from there. Adding a scent to the room can also elevate the style stakes.  


A Card Table and Board Games

There was a time when no self-respecting gentleman would be found without a deck of cards. They’re a great icebreaker and a fun and sophisticated way to spend an evening. Poker and blackjack are making a definite comeback! Never underestimate the power of the board game either. There is still something comforting and nostalgic about a board game with friends.

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