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5 Reasons to Add Strength Training to Your Workout Regime

Despite what the name suggests, strength training is not all about getting big and brawny. In fact, it’s an ‘all round’ way to work out, because it benefits the whole body, instead of targeting just specific muscle groups. Aside from helping you to both look and feel fantastic, strength training will make your body healthier in the long term too.

You don’t even have to pick up any weights if you really don’t want to. While the best way to build and maintain strength is to get brave and approach the power rack, this kind of workout is extremely diverse. The key to success is to find what works for you and stick with it, until you’re throwing out reps like Arnie in his heyday.

This guide to some of the main benefits of strength training will help you incorporate this type of workout into your gym routine.

Helps You Shed Weight


Regular, coordinated strength training is the key to boosting your metabolic rate. This helps your body to burn calories faster, throughout the course of the day. Plus, it also supports the building of lean muscle mass and whole body strength. Once you have been strength training for a little while, you’ll start to notice its impact on endurance and stamina. All of the above will make it easier to commit to and fulfil long term weight goals.

Increases Bone Density

As the body ages, the combined effect of inactivity and maturity leads to reduced bone density. They become more brittle and easier to break, so it’s really important to keep up with regular exercise. Strength training can help older gym goers decrease the risk of developing serious conditions like osteopetrosis. Also, you’ll be significantly less likely to fall victim to injuries.

Reduces the Risk of Injury

Strength training is really effective when it comes to avoiding and healing injuries fast, because it strengthens the muscles that surround affected or vulnerable areas. For those who play competitive or contact sports, this kind of workout can be invaluable. It fortifies joints and muscles, speeds up recovery time, and just gives the body a much better chance of responding to pressures and strains in a healthy way.

Enhances Overall Performance


It doesn’t matter whether you love football, rugby, basketball, or long distance running, strength training can help you to get even better at it than you already are. It is really helpful for those who are already physically fit and very active, but who want to continue to improve and develop. If you create a robust and regular strength training routine, you’ll quickly build up both energy and power.

Makes You Feel Fantastic

There are few things as satisfying as the feeling that you get after an intense workout. Yes, you’re a little achy and sore, but you’ve achieved something. Strength training is bound to be painful and frustrating at times, but the benefits that it poses for your muscles and joints make it worth all of the hardship. If you’re stronger, your posture and overall muscle tone will be significantly improved. And, if you stick with it, you’ll feel healthier and more vital, even as the years continue to roll by.

A Few Tips for Getting Started with Strength Training

Try to remember that benching and fiddling around with complex gym machines are not the only two ways to pursue effective strength training. You can actually get your workout fix at home, instead of the gym, if you prefer. Push ups, squats, lunges, and even rock climbing all represent a chance for you to build strength and maintain muscle tone.

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