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10 Harry Potter Merchandise You Must Have

10 Harry Potter Merchandise You Must Have
Image by Sue Bride from Pixabay

Have you read all seven Harry Potter books and watched all eight movies multiple times? Did you believe that Hogwarts existed for real and even planned to pay a visit there at least once? Do you own any Harry Potter merchandise? Perhaps you’ve even been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (or are planning a trip for the future)? If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you are a true ‘PotterHead’!!

The Harry Potter series is indeed magical! Whether you read books or watch movies, you will surely fall in love with its story and characters. This beautifully written story by J.K. Rowling is so intriguing that it has garnered a huge fan base, including teenagers and adults. 

If you, too, are a Harry Potter enthusiast, it’s time you showcase your love for the series. Collecting some super cool Harry Potter merchandise is the best way you can do so. We have eased your work and listed ten ravishing Harry Potter merchandise to choose from! 

List of Harry Potter Merchandise you must own!

Have you always craved to live in a world of Harry Potter? If yes, you can do so by buying the below merchandise and getting the wizardly world’s feels. 

Photo by Gaurav Khoda on Unsplash

1. Harry Potter Mobile case

The best way you can show off your Harry Potter love is by using a Harry Potter-themed mobile case. A mobile phone is something that anyone can easily witness. Phone cases on this platform are extremely exquisite and high-quality. From Hogwarts castle to deathly hallows, from Slytherin pride to Hufflepuff tarot, you can get various Harry Potter-themed cases for any mobile device.

Redwolf, an indie label, has some of the most fantastic phone covers you can try. Grab the latest Redwolf offers and deals to buy Harry Potter’s official mobile cover at an awesome price. 

2. Harry Potter hoodie

Do you like wearing hoodies and get that ‘oh, I am so cool’ vibes? If yes, why don’t you go for a Harry Potter hoodie and look even more cooler? Available in different colors and different designs, these hoodies simply look stunning on both men and women. Moreover, hoodies look better when they are oversized. So, make sure you buy one size bigger hoodie and rock your look! 

3. Harry Potter sticker

Another crazy way to show you are a die-hard Potterhead is by pasting Harry Potter stickers on your favorite accessories. You get many marvelous stickers from Gryffindor crest to Slytherin crest, from Hermoine’s avatar to Lord Voldemort’s. Choose your most-liked character’s sticker and show how much you love them. Stick them on your bag, phone, laptop, tablet, fridge, or anywhere! These stickers look really fascinating and can be easily removed. 

4. Harry Potter official mug 

Are you both a coffee lover and a Harry Potter fanatic? Then this official Harry Potter mug is all you need! While you enjoy your cappuccino every morning, showcase your love for the Harry Potter series in style! Be it a Harry Potter printed mug, Hermoine Granger printed mug, or a mug with the Marauder’s map. You can pick your most-liked mug. So, flaunt your Harry Potter-themed mug and relish every sip of hot coffee. 

5. Harry Potter notebook

Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4
Photo by emrecan arık on Unsplash

You sure don’t need a boring notebook to pen down your thoughts. What if we introduce you to the official Harry Potter notebook? Yes, you read it right. Notebooks based on Harry Potter themes such as house Ravenclaw crest, the Marauder’s Map, the House Hufflepuff crest, the Hogwarts crest, the Gryffindor crest, and much more. You can use these gorgeous notebooks and get creative with your writings. These notebooks are also the best gift you can give to a Harry Potter lover. 

6. Harry Potter beanie

Accept it or not, beanies are the new trend. If you are a harry potter fan and are looking for a beanie, the Harry Potter official beanie is what you have been looking for! They will have the Harry Potter-themed print right on the bottom edge, which comes on your forehead. This way, you can proudly show off how much you admire Harry potter and the series. 

7. Harry Potter keychain

Keychains are the most common merchandise you can ever own. A Potterhead can find a fabulous Harry Potter keychain to add to his merchandise collection. From Hermoine’s official wand keychain to Hogwarts crest keychain, from Harry Potter’s wand keychain to Gryffindor coat official keychain, you can select anything that really fascinates you. Gifting a Harry Potter keychain to a fan will also make him dance with joy. 

8. Harry Potter headphones

Photo by Dzenina Lukac from Pexels

Imagine grooving to your favorite song using Harry Potter official headphones. With high audio quality and optimal comfort, these headphones are just perfect for both- music and Harry Potter lovers. The Harry Potter-themed headphones are wired, foldable, and come in various colors and themes. The earcups of the headphones will have a matt finish Harry Potter sticker of that of deathly hallows, Hogwarts sigil, Slytherin crest, Hufflepuff crest, etc. 

9. Harry Potter badge 

The next most captivating Harry Potter merchandise you must have is the breath-taking badge. From Albus Dumbledore to House Gryffindor, from Severus Snape to House Slytherin, you can choose the character or house you are more close to. Just attach this badge to your clothes or bags and express your love for the magical series. 

10. Harry Potter t-shirt

10 Harry Potter t-shirt
Image by Petra Šolajová from Pixabay

Last but not least on our list is the Harry Potter official t-shirt. If you are a t-shirt person and a Potterhead, you will surely fall for Harry Potter official t-shirts. These Harry Potter printed t-shirts look smashing and lovely. You can pair them with jeans or wear a jacket over them to get a classy look. 


Most of us have grown up either watching or reading the Harry Potter franchise. And, if you really adore the series, you must own at least a few of the above-listed merchandise. Coming to those who haven’t read/watched the movie, it’s never too late to start something good and magical! 

Featured Image by Sue Bride from Pixabay