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Can you rent an apartment in Paris without a guarantor?

Can you rent an apartment in Paris without a guarantor?
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If you are a student or an ex-pat moving to Paris for work, you cannot rent an apartment without a guarantor. However, if you are permanently employed, earning a net salary three times your rent, and not on trial, you do not need a guarantor.

A guarantor acts as a safety net for the property owner, reassuring them that rent will be paid each month. There are certain requirements that your guarantor must meet before you can rent an apartment, such as proof of address.

Below, we cover other requirements, ways to find a guarantor in Paris, and what to do if you don’t have one. Let’s dive straight in!

Who are guarantors?

A guarantor is someone who agrees to pay your rent if you don’t, such as a parent. On the off chance you don’t pay your dues, your landlord has full authority to ask them to pay instead. Your landlord may take legal action should the guarantor fail to pay.

Your landlord will want to verify your guarantor’s capacity to pay the rent to avoid such problems. This can be accomplished through a check of recent tax returns.

What does a guarantor do?

As we said, if you fail to pay your rent on time, your guarantor is held liable and forced to do it. Also, if something goes wrong, your guarantor pays out. This is why your landlord wants to be sure about the financial ability of a guarantor to cover the costs before accepting them. A simple way to show proof of income is by requesting their most recent tax return.

According to law, a guarantee agreement (security) must be in writing. This legally binds your guarantor to the property you rent.

If you’re concerned about finding a guarantor or exploring alternative options, you might want to consider looking into the “Bail Mobilité” or mobility lease. This lease option, designed for students and young professionals, offers more flexibility and might not require a traditional guarantor. It’s worth researching this option further to see if it aligns with your rental needs in Paris.

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How to find a guarantor

The first and most straightforward method is to ask a friend or family member. This can be a parent, uncle, or a third party. Any private individual (not related to you) who earns income in France and has an official tax return can also act as your guarantor.

Please keep in mind that because your guarantor lives in your native country, a property owner cannot legally refuse you. However, applications with French guarantors typically have an edge.

In such a situation, you can turn to specialized agencies such as Guarantee, Visalia, or Unkle (more on this later).

In most cases, your guarantor will ask for;

  •  A valid ID
  •  A three-month-old proof of address such as an electricity bill
  • Proof of work or employment contract
  • Proof of income such as recent tax return

How many guarantors do you need?

Since your guarantor must prove a monthly income equivalent to four times your rent, utilities included, having two or more of them might prove necessary. This is in the event one guarantor fails to meet this requirement.

With two or more guarantors, each must prove to earn three times your monthly rent and bills and have the supporting document. If guarantor A fails to pay, then guarantor B can foot in.

What if I can’t find a qualifying guarantor?

In situations where you don’t have a guarantor, or they don’t meet the requirements or live in another country, you can turn to a legal entity to render these services.

This entity plays the same role as the private individual by paying your rent and bill if you are unable to.

This section will show you the top three most popular agencies you can turn to, including the pros and cons of each.



  • Asks for no upfront payment
  • Foreign documents are accepted
  • Supports English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and French for service and customer help.
  • Partners with plenty of student accommodation agencies and providers of furnished apartments in Paris.


  • Not accepted by all landlords
  • It’s n Not a free service.



  • Charges zero fees
  • More trusted as the French government provides it


  • Services are limited to 3 years
  • Only offered in the French language



  • Doesn’t ask for any upfront payment
  • The English and French versions of the service and customer support are available.
  • You can submit your documents in English.


  • It’s not a free service
  • Not accepted by all landlords

So, can you rent an apartment in Paris without a guarantor?

The simple answer is it depends. A guarantor is required for you to rent a student’s rental or an apartment if you are an ex-pat. But don’t worry if you can’t find a qualified person to guarantee you. You can still turn to GuarantMe, Visalia, or Unkle for these services. Good luck and enjoy your stay in Paris!

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