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Top 5 Summer Pool Party Essentials

Top 5 Summer Pool Party Essentials
Image by Peter H from Pixabay

We still may be about to suffer through six more weeks of winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start to think about what else might await us in the later – and warmer – months of the year. Many people view summer as the time to let loose and socialize with their loved ones – even during this COVID-ridden time.

Although socializing has taken on a much different look in recent years, thanks to COVID, people are still dreaming that this summer will be different and that they’ll be allowed to have their summer fun.

On the off chance that you’re looking to throw a party in the summer, read on about our list of summer pool party essentials, featuring fun additions such as umbrellas, food, and even a new idea of a custom drink stirrer.

Pool Toys

If you’re throwing a pool party, the assumption is that someone will be using your pool even if that someone is not you. Of course, you can ask them to just swim laps around your pool, but that’s not the point of a pool party.

Instead, you should provide your guests with toys and other fun games that they can play in the pool to maximize their enjoyment and experience. A good pool party isn’t going to be lots of fun unless you have a bunch of fun, brightly-colored pool toys that float, sink, or maybe even motor around the pool on their own.

Brightly-colored floating pool tubes, custom inflatable pool hammocks, motorized pool toys, and even water beer pong can provide hours of enjoyment for your guests. They can be designed to fit your preferences and to match the theme of the party by adding extra glamor to your decorations. So don’t skimp on the pool toys! Spend a little more to get high-quality, durable products that will make your party a hit. Your guests will thank you for it.

Pick up an inflatable beachball or foam noodles so your guests can play volleyball in the pool or so that they can play chicken with the pool noodles. The more fun toys you have, the more fun your guests will have.


Now, although this isn’t for your guests’ entertainment, it is certainly there for their enjoyment. One of the reasons that summer pool parties are considered such a staple of the season is that it’s so hot during the summer. People would either like to stay inside an air-conditioned space, or they would like to live in a pool somewhere.

However, for those of your friends who either can’t or won’t be swimming at your pool party, you can’t have them just stand in the sun where they’ll melt into a puddle of goo! Instead, spend some money on good pool umbrellas so that you can provide your guests with shade. Then, they can relax and chat with each other, whether they’re in the pool or not.

Music and Outdoor Entertainment

No good party lacks music! Whether you have to buy an old-school stereo or if you’ve managed to unearth a much cooler – and more modern –way to play music across a large area, music makes the world go ’round.

You can have your guests add songs to a collaborative playlist, or you can choose a random one from Spotify or other streaming services. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you have a good sound stereo with your preferred levels of bass and treble.

Then, have your music system double as an entertainment system. As the day goes on, transition your backyard pool party into a movie night with outdoor screens and projectors. Pop some popcorn and cozy up with your loved ones (COVID-permitting) to round out a great pool party day with a relaxing evening.

Custom Drink Stirrers

Spice up your pool party to an unheard-of level with custom drink stirrers. As you might be able to tell from the name, a drink stirrer is typically a medium- to long-sized stick that can be made out of different materials (glass and plastic are common ones) that is used to allow someone who has a mixed drink to mix it on their own.

It is sometimes also called a swizzle stick, a stir stick, or a cocktail stirrer, so there’s no need to be confused if you’ve heard it called something else.

With a custom drink stirrer, not only will you personalize your event to your guests, but they’ll also get to take a stunning – but small and useful – item home to then use again and again in the future. And, every time they use their custom drink stirrer, they’ll remember your great summer pool party, which is why it is essential.

With an amazing coaster gallery on a site like customcoastersnow.com to choose from, it couldn’t be easier to find the perfect coaster for your next party.


pool party food
Photo by fu zhichao from Pexels

This one is self-explanatory, but your pool party isn’t going to be much of one if you don’t have good food options for your guests. Whether you choose to stuff them full of appetizers throughout the whole event, or if you’re going to grill – another summer favorite! – make sure that you have more than enough food for your guests.

If you’re trying to throw this party, but you do not want to foot the entire bill, reach out to your guests beforehand and turn the event into a bring-your-own event/a potluck. That way, you’ll know you have enough (likely random) types of food, and you won’t be clearing out your savings to ensure your guests are fed.

Featured Image by Peter H from Pixabay