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Why A Winter Wedding Is Better Than The Beach

a winter wedding
Photo by Natasha Fernandez from Pexels

Why A Winter Wedding Is Better Than The Beach

Not everybody loves the cold, but when we are talking about a wedding, it doesn’t have to be chilly even in winter. Think of the atmosphere of a winter wedding with everything covered in snow and wearing warm, elegant clothes. 

Sure, a summer wedding can be lovely, but there are far more opportunities for a memorable wedding when you pick the snowy season. From sipping scotch from the flasks you bought for the groomsmen from the Groomshop, to arriving in a horse-drawn sleigh, there are so many ways to make this wedding unique when you do it in the snow.

a winter wedding
Photo by Natasha Fernandez from Pexels

Less stress about weather

A spring or even summer wedding is best when done outside unless it rains. In which case, there is that stressful checking of the weather every day leading up to the ceremony.

When you do a winter wedding, the precipitation is what makes it unique. You already know the wedding is going to be inside and you’re expecting it to snow, so there is no disappointment. 

Even if it doesn’t rain, a summer wedding can be hot and humid and downright uncomfortable. Not so when you are in a beautiful, warm venue that is ready for the elements.

Save money

In most places during the winter, they aren’t overbooked, so finding a venue is easy. It is also usually going to be much cheaper since there aren’t many people looking to book weddings at that time of year. 

If you live up North, then transportation to the wedding might also save you money since it isn’t necessarily going to be a destination wedding in which everybody has to travel. You can also end up with a lot of extras that might not be available during the busier summer months since many places are looking to woo those wedding receptions.

No wedding fatigue

Some summers can end up being a drag because it seems like there is a wedding to go to every weekend. You were looking to go to the beach and instead, your desired weekend already has a wedding booked.

During the winter, people will actually look forward to going to a wedding since it can break up the monotony of the winter months.

Easier to find a photographer

Winter wedding photos
Image by 3nadezhda01 from Pixabay

If people are tired of going to weddings every weekend in the summer, then the opposite is true for a photographer. They usually love all the work. Later in the winter, they are quite slow.

So, finding a wedding photographer that isn’t booked already is going to be much easier. And just like with the venue, it will often be much cheaper since they are looking for more work. And also are likely to offer some upgrades which would cost much more in the summer. 


If you love the snow or at least love a bargain, then it should be on your radar to have your wedding in the winter. They can be made atmospheric like something out of a fairy-tale when there is a light snow falling.