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Summer Wedding Trends You Need to Consider

summer wedding trends

Weddings these days have become less traditional and more contemporary. Some concepts that we have never thought of before are already becoming a trend today. From the bridal gowns to the unique wedding venues, everything seems novel and mind-blowing.

summer wedding trends

If you are getting married this summer, make sure that you don’t just go with something simple. You can follow some of the most recent summer wedding trends or even come up with your own unique wedding theme.

New bridal gown concepts

Who says your bridal gown has to be white with long trains? There are a lot of newer concepts you might want to consider. For instance, bridal jumpsuits have finally become a thing. Major fashion lines like Carolina Herrera and Galvan have showcased jumpsuits as bridal gowns. They are unique, bold and empowering.

In contrast, another trend is emerging which is a return to classics. If you have seen those hideous bridal gowns from the 1800s or later, they are now having a major comeback. Long sleeves, ruffles, huge bows and strapless gowns are a thing now among brides. You don’t necessarily want to take this route, but it could be a unique choice.

The latest trend though is for brides to have different looks. Some women buy two gowns – one for the official ceremony and another for the wedding reception. The first one is more classic and elegant while the other is more comfortable. Others go for gowns that can be transformed like a full gown with detachable sleeves. This allows the bride to have two looks without changing.

Opt for outdoorsy themes

Since it is summer, you might as well make the most of the nice weather. Go for an outdoor wedding venue. It can be both for the ceremony and the after-party. Should you decide to choose an indoor venue, you can still opt for a summer related theme by including summer inspired elements. Having potted plants indoors and tropical fruits on the table are a great start.

Other options for outdoor venues are gardens, rustic barns, a forest and the beach. These places look amazing on camera and you would love to have your wedding done there. Get inspired by some great wedding related products and business tips which can help save money when opting for outdoorsy themes, as more people are being enticed by this trend.

out door wedding event

If you want to be bolder, try picnic-style dining. Instead of huge round tables, you can have everyone seated on the floor. A subtler alternative is still using huge tables but delivering food via food carts. Instead of round tables, you can have long, rectangular tables that will make everyone feel equal, just like a huge family having a day in the park. You can buy cheap cloth table runners, linens, and tablecloths for your rectangular tables for an added element with lesser costs.

Summer desserts

One of the trends when it comes to wedding food is a seasonal dessert. This includes a cake with minimal frosting. Instead, it has lots of fruits in it. Others even ditch the cake in exchange for fruit custards in small servings. Besides, most of the guests are probably watching their weight to make their bodies summer ready, they would rather avoid sweets.

Flowy dresses

Bridesmaids usually dread the type of dress they are asked to wear for the wedding. You don’t have to make them suffer. You can opt for flowy monochromatic or two-tone dresses. When the wedding is held outdoors, these dresses will look even better. Choose pastel colours too, to match the season. If you are bolder and your bridesmaids are down with it, choose crop tops and pair them with long skirts.

Same day video edits

The good thing about technology today is that it has made everything faster. This includes video edits. Before, you asked a photographer to take videos and photos on the wedding day and wait for them to be ready weeks after the wedding. With modern technology and a quick photography team, these images and videos can even be shown during the reception. They are still fresh and everyone will surely have a good laugh (or cry) looking at them.

Outfit rentals

Another trend today has something to do with cutting costs. Most couples trying to get married are preparing less for the wedding and more for the marriage. Therefore, they try finding ways to cut costs whenever possible. One way of doing so is by avoiding clothes that are bought. Instead, they end up renting them. These outfits can never be worn again anyway. They are usually meant not just for a wedding, but for that particular wedding only. It is better to rent the outfits and spend less.


digital invitation for wedding

Younger couples getting married these days are also environmentally-conscious. Their decisions when it comes to anything related to the wedding are in line with this ideology. Therefore, instead of printing several invitation cards that will just be thrown away later, couples opt for e-vites. They are digital invitation cards that are also designed just like regular invitations. Confirmation can also be done online. With this option, there is no need to waste paper for printing but the important people for the wedding are still invited.

Just be you

It does not really matter what the trends are. The point is that everything in your wedding is based on your decision. You and your partner’s voices matter. It is your special day. You can follow the trends and be inspired by them, but in the end, you should still let your preferences prevail.

Besides, regardless of your choice, people will either hate it or love it. You might as well design it in such a way that you will be in love with it. You should also worry less about how it looks in photos but focus more on the moment. It would be nice to have wonderful images as memories, but the image in your mind is what matters more. Most of all, don’t forget to have fun. Your life is going to change after the wedding so you have to make the most out of this day and party like there’s no tomorrow.