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How Vaping is Way Cooler than Smoking

Many people believe that smoking cigarettes are somewhat cool, but is the fashion aspect of it slowly weakening on its appeal? It was the 20’s when smoking had its golden age followed by decades of unhindered popularity around the world as a cool act and social lubricant. In other words, society gets shaped in strange ways like it did with smoking. Everywhere in media, arts and pop culture, we have grown up witnessing important roles being chain smokers; be it a bad-boy character, a famous artist, a rock star or even a revolutionist – smoking has deeply masked our subconscious mind with the feeling of being cool. As long as this is true, the reason behind this phenomenal trend in human history might be just as simple as marketing preeminence.

Even though we don’t see an actor dragging on a vape in movies and sitcoms yet, the vaping trend has infiltrated and is gaining popularity faster than ever. Study has confirmed that smoking cigarettes has hit an all time low and vaping is highly responsible behind this supposed fall from grace. Vaping has taken a strong hold among the youth of America as well as other parts of the world, and why wouldn’t it? Given with all the positive vape reviews its benefits, choosing to vape over smoking might only be a matter of time before vaping completely replaces the deadly act of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Singing with the trend, today we present you with 8 reasons why vaping is way cooler than smoking. Let’s get started then!


The first and foremost difference between a cigarette and a vape is that you can heavily customize your vape while you can’t do anything to your cigarette. However simple a vape might appear, it is very customizable to the users choice, consequently expressing one’s personal taste and lifestyle. Now, that’s a big reason to drag your smoke from a vape instead of the shiny straights.

World of Flavors

While cigarettes come with a few flavors like mint, menthol, ice, apple and regular red, vapes come in countless pungent flavors. And when we I say countless, trust me on the notion! Vapes literally have thousands of flavors to choose from with brand new flavors hitting the market every day. Moreover, vape flavors are way denser and satisfying than flavors in cigarettes.

Your control on Vapor

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Just like the option of customizing your vape, you get to control your smoke in quite a few manners; like the density of the vapor, the amount of smoke and the sweetness, etc. Vape liquids come in a mix of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). While PG works as the base liquid with a tasteless character, VG is sweeter in taste but with less vapor contain-ability. Either way, you get an advantage to your personal choice.

Now that we have covered the aesthetics of vaping, let’s consider some of the practical facts of why one should shift from smoking to vaping today!

Vaping is Safer than Smoking

When the word went around that vapes are much safer than tobacco cigarettes, there was naturally an air of skepticism that accompanied the notion. However, right now there are studies that prove vaping to be much safer than smoking; like the Boston University study.

Smoking is bad for your eyes

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Unlike other organs, smoking is associated with severe eye diseases like vision loss, cataracts, glaucoma, and muscular degeneration. On the other hand, vapes or electronic cigarettes in general, keep you safe from these above disorders. This is a huge advantage given that we don’t want to smoke the gift of sight away!

Smoking diminishes your sex life

Being responsible for Infertility, Miscarriage, and Erectile Dysfunction, smoking diminishes your sex life and lays it to rest in a grave. I mean why wouldn’t it? The 4000 chemicals carried in one single stick of tobacco cigarette is not a matter of safety. Moreover, if you are someone who has a loving for the finer things in life then switch to vaping today and remove yourself from such risk.

Vapers and e-cigarette users report major health improvement

People who switch from smoking to vaping have always reported of health improvements, may it be from being out of the cigarette stink or physically like chronic coughing. The chronic coughing study revealed that 97% of people with coughing problems due to smoking, recover soon after switching to electronic cigarettes or vapes.

Vaping is the perfect way towards a smoke-free life


Vaping is not just a trendy cool act in its aesthetic ways but also makes a very important contribution to life. Although you take nicotine with vapes but you have the control over how much nicotine you are inhaling. That, with the advantage of not inhaling other almost 4000 chemicals gives one the opportunity of gradually decrease addiction to smoking and walk towards a smoke-free lifestyle.

Finally, we can come to a conclusion that smoking is in no way near vaping when it comes to the aforementioned fundamental reasons. Hence, with the change in media and awareness among people about the deadly fashion of smoking, (that is losing its appeal more than ever before) vape is making its entry to the hip and cool communities all around your world. Maybe it’s time for you to join the better group already!

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