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For the Love of the Road: Why Being a Limo Driver Will Change Your Life as You Change Lanes

Are you thinking of becoming a limo driver? It can be a very rewarding, as well as a very lucrative, career. Here’s what successful drivers have to say about this exciting lifestyle.

You Learn More About People

Al McGuire, the late, great basketball coach of Marquette University, once offered that if you really wanted to learn about people, tend bar or drive a cab for six months are so. But, being a limo driver gives you the same experience. When you drive limo, you’ll meet people from all walks of life. You’ll meet people who are getting married for the first time, who have lost a loved one, and who are experiencing a range of emotions.

You’ll see people at their highest, and lowest. You’ll see perhaps some of the most intimate and “real” sides of people — sides they never show others in public. And, you may overhear some of the most interesting discussions (not that you should eavesdrop, but many passengers engage the driver, which makes it OK).

This range of exposure to the human condition gives you an opportunity for amazing insight and understanding as to why people act the way they do.

For example, ever wondered why people date the people they do? You’d be surprised by what you hear from women — confessions they may only tell only one or two other people. What about businessmen? Want to know what it’s like at the office? Listen to 2 business people chat about mergers and acquisitions.

Want to know what it’s like to lose a loved one (which may initially seem weird to think about, but gives you incredible insight into human psychology)? Book a funeral gig. People tend to be the most “real” at funerals just after they’ve lost someone they really love and care about.

You Get To Drive Amazing Vehicles


It’s no secret that limo drivers drive some of the coolest cars on the road. And, many of them come from https://buylimos.co/. As a driver, you can lay your hands on anything from a Hummer stretch limo to a Lincoln Towncar and everything in between. A full-sized luxury vehicle is the standard ride, but many discerning customers request exotic or unusual rides.

You Get To Dress Nice

This is sort of a lost art, since most jobs don’t require a suit and tie anymore. But, being a limo driver does. It’s all part of the atmosphere. You are typically required to dress the part, which means a suit and tie and a chauffeur’s hat.

Limousines are no longer reserved for the rich and famous. People of every walk of life can rent them, and they do. This is an opportunity to meet people that you otherwise wouldn’t, and do it dressed to the nines (which gives you all the respect you could ever ask for).

You Get To See Some Of The Best Places In Your Area

People tend not to take limos to boring or run-of-the-mill places. They take them to very upscale and interesting places. For example, while you might make multiple runs to the airport for business people, you will also chauffeur people to fine dining establishments, top-drawer affairs, and even some upscale homes and mansions.

Extra Income

If you’re a student, you have plenty of opportunities to keep up with your work. Unlike driving a cab, which requires you to be always “on” working long hours, a limo job typically pays more and lets you finish on time for dinner. You might not get weekends off, but the hours are usually pretty flexible.

Make A Decent Living


Not only is the base pay for a limo driver above average, there’s a good chance you’ll get pocket tips, which drives up your wage even more. Most clients are pretty generous in this area, too. It’s because the types of people who can afford a limo service have a lot of money, or at least more money than average, and they often figure in the additional type (at least mentally) when they book the vehicle.

In addition, many restaurants and entertainment venues are open to letting limo drivers hang out with riders at the location until the event is over.

It’s like getting a free pass into events you otherwise would never get access to. It’s a perk of the job that many limo drivers don’t discuss too often. But, it’s something you’ll notice right away if you get hooked up with the right clients.

Sam Riley has always enjoyed driving, and worked as a delivery driver for many years. But when he was laid off, he decided to take his future into his own hands by starting a livery service. He writes on the subject for a range of blogs.

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