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Is Vaping the New Trend in Town?

Did you know that “Vape” has been named word of the year by Oxford Dictionary in 2014? Did you know there is a vape-themed mixed tape called Cloud Clashing, Volume 1? If you are not familiar with vaporizing, are not quite updated with the pop-culture at all. Vaporizers are gaining popularity by the minute and taking a lot of people under its wings, average Joes and celebrities alike. Vaporizers have brought a significant change in the smokers’ world, so much so that there “vape culture” is almost an established culture. Therefore, the penultimate question poses: is vaping the new trend in town that a lot do not know about? Let’s find out!

First of all, let us talk about the popularity of vaping. From newspaper headlines to social media, capitalist investors to the mighty world of internet, everything has been under the charming cloud of vape lately. Just like Hookah, vaping has become a favorite pastime for people to share experiences and enjoyment with friends and other vapers. With the initiation of vape culture, large gatherings are held for the vapers to meet and share new flavors, gadgets and what not! The vaper’s community is certainly the cool place to be.


Next in line comes the intriguing fashion sense that is embodied in vaporizers. Smoking itself is taken as a fashionable act. When it is done by an incredibly smart looking and stylish vaporizer pen, smoking just takes an interestingly fashionable makeover with the addition of a new toy. It is glamorous and more diva than a punk thing. And guess what? You can customize your own vaporizer; colors, tanks, batteries, metal or wood – everything according to your own specifications. What can be better than that? Performance, fashion and innovation: a vaporizer is all-in-one as the coolest fashion device to have in your hand, whether you are hitting the road or rocking a party!

Talk about art and you will find vaping standing there tall and proud as a newly emerged art form. For vapers, developing flavors is nothing but a sheer touch of creativity and it either tastes good or bad, nothing in between, and probably why the vape culture has managed to attract a lot of celebrities, some of whom probably wanted to leave smoking because of the poor outlook it gives away to the mass. Heartthrobs like Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlie Sheen, Katherine Heigl, Johnny Depp; stars like Jack Nicholson, Gary Oldman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kate Moss; musicians like Willie Nelson, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars etc. are pretty well known and proud vapers! This is definitely a sign of trendiness, isn’t it?

Speaking of trends, vaporizers have created a whole new world of business and it has unquestionably introduced a new course. Currently, vaping is one of the fastest growing industries of the world and not only that, the industry has already started to self regulate. According to American international banking and financial services holding company Wells Fargo, from $39 million in 2012, $1.7 billion in 2013, vaping sales will rise to an approximate amount of $10 billion by 2017 – how progressive is that!


It is rather surprising how cigarettes gave away to another wildly popular smoking culture. While smoking has widely been considered as a great heath risk with the added second and third-hand health effects, vaping is actually a much safer alternative to smoking. Vapor has no second hand health risks, way to go! Flavored e-liquids actually help smokers to cut down on nicotine or to quit smoking altogether; shows a study conducted by Dr. Konstantino Farsalinos. Numerous studies that have been conducted on vaping strikingly present us with no public health concern –  vaping improves a smoker’s health after switching to it and it certainly has no negative effects on the heart. Many health organizations recognize these benefits, under the necessity of more research although. The British Journal of General Practice conducted a study which argues that shifting to vaporizer might save as many as 6000 smokers in a million every year! It is all but a comparatively better paradigm shift in smokers’ lives.

Starting from popularity to fashion, celebrities to art, economy to medical – vaping stands out in popularity under each of these criterion. If you are a smoker trying to call it a day or if you are a non-smoker considering a try, vaping is the way to go. Plus, add a star on your fashion sense as you go with vaping. Let’s clearly say it out loud that vaping is the new cool and it is definitely the new trend in town!

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