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V2 Cigs Review – Series 7

The vaping trend is still continuing, and after using one of the best e cigs for beginners, the Series 3 from V2 Pro, I felt like I wanted to upgrade my model and try something a bit more advanced.

I looked into V2’s other models, and noticed the Series 7. It was a similar model to the Series 3 in that it has 3-in-1 vaping capabilities, but it boasted some great additional features that I was looking for in my new vape pen.

I ordered the Series 7 in black, and the package included the vape pen itself, a loose-leaf cartridge, and e-liquid cartridge, the magnetic charger and a wall adapter.

The design

The box which held the Series 7 is beautifully designed, and gives the users a sneak peak of the pen itself and some of the stand out features. I liked the packaging so much because it has a little layer which fits all of the accessories so you can keep everything neat and tidy.

The pen itself is made of metal, with an oval shape so it can fit perfectly in your hand. It’s made of one single piece of metal and has a great weight to it, so you know its manufactured to a high standard. One of my favourite design features is the power button, which has been created flush to the pen. This means I can finally stop worrying about accidentally setting the Series 7 off in my bag.

Just like the Series 3, this e cig features V2’s magnetic technology, both with cartridges and the charging lead. If you need to swap from the e liquid cartridge to the loose-leaf cartridge, the magnetic technology lets you simply pull the cartridge out and drop in another one. When charging the vape pen, the lead simply snaps onto the bottom of the e cig.

What sets the Series 7 apart from the Series 3 is the additional heating capabilities. Underneath the button the group of three lights act as indicators for changing the temperature on the pen. The battery output voltage on the Series 7 goes up to 4.7V, whereas the Series 3 maximum temperature is around 4V.

Using the Series 7


V2 have so many different E Liquid on offer that I bought one of their Platinum sample packs. This includes six 10ml bottles of various flavours, from tobacco to green tea, chocolate to vanilla. I tried the tobacco flavour first, as I enjoy the sensation of smoking, and the flavour was fantastic. I think this flavour would really help those looking to cut down on cigarettes or quit all together.

One feature that I know people who vape look for in a new model is the amount of vapour produced by the pen. The Series 7 doesn’t disappoint here, and I found that thanks to the bigger battery, it produces even more clouds than the Series 3.

Who are V2?

I was expecting a long shipping time as I bought this e cig online. I was also expecting a US number to call if I came across any problems, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that V2 Cigs are a UK company, with a depot in Peterborough and a UK based customer service team.

Luckily, I didn’t encounter any issues with my Series 7, however there are several reviews online which rate the customer service as fantastic. As V2 have a UK based team, any problems with delivery, operation of the e cig or anything else can be resolved quickly. It’s always best to read the manual from cover to cover if you aren’t sure how an e cig works, but the V2 team is also happy to help with any queries that come up.

For £200, the Series 7 is definitely one of the best e cigs I’ve come across. It’s made to a high standard, offers its users 3-in-1 vaping, and its battery life is great. This e cig is definitely worth a look.