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Why Caravanning is Cool Again

In times when budgets continue to be pinched and people are still struggling to make ends meet, holidays can become tricky. We all know how expensive they can be, but they are also one of the great pleasures of life. Caravan holidays can be the ideal solution. Whether you are thinking of recreating the old holidays of your childhood or are completely new to caravanning, here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider a caravanning getaway.

Freedom to Travel

The beauty of hitching your home to the back of your car is you have the total freedom to go wherever the wind blows you. Whereas many holidays are totally rigid, you can suddenly decide to change course and head out on a completely different course. This sense of freedom and adventure can be totally exhilarating. Not only this, you won’t be hammered by overpriced accommodation costs when you get there!

Home Comforts on the Road

When you are packing up your suitcase, there will inevitably be a few things that you have to leave behind. This is not such a concern when you have a caravan as you have so much room to transport things around. You have the wonderful combination of bringing your home along with you while you are burning up the miles.

Become Part of a Community


When you pull up at caravan sites, you really do become part of a community. There will be so many like-minded people there to socialise with, as well as exchange travel stories. They also may be able to help you out with other issues like caravan repairs. If you are travelling with your family, everyone has a chance of making some new friends. You may even keep in touch and holiday together in the future.

Learn About Your Country

If you travel somewhere by plane, you end up missing out on so much. If you go caravanning, you can stop wherever interests you along the way. This gives you a unique opportunity to get to know your country so much better. You may decide to stop at a local hiking spot so you can get out into the great outdoors. You may spot an interesting museum along the way. Caravanning gives you a completely different perspective on a county you may have thought you knew so well.

Great Facilites

When some people think of caravanning, they imagine huddling by a rickety old machine with absolutely nothing to do. Modern caravan sites can offer a wide range of facilities including swimming pools, bars and entertainment centres. But if you want a traditional experience with none of the modern luxuries, this is possible too. In our modern interconnected world, it can be nice to get away from screens just for a little while and feel like you are really heading back into nature.

Hopefully this article will have dispelled some of the myths of caravanning so you might consider this for your next holiday!