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The Regret File

Everyone does things they regret. But the worst ones are the things we do to our bodies. These are harder to move back from than other things, though still possible. You may have changed as a person. You may need a new job which means you need to change something you’ve done in the past. They may make you stand out from the crowd but for all the wrong reasons. This article can help put perspective on your choices, and give you ideas regarding changing back. You may have considered some of them. Remember, regret isn’t the end of the world. Life moves on, and so can you.

Do You Regret The Tattoo?

They are becoming more and more popular as the years go by. Lots of people have and love tattoos. Where you get them is a defining factor. As is what you get. You may need to consider tattoo removal if you are going for a customer facing job, and the tattoo can’t be covered up by clothing, such as one on your hand. You can get these removed. Military tattoos are popular, it signifies a bond in the army which many conform to. But there are military tattoo removal specialists who can get those off for you. You need to remember that tattoo removal takes a few sessions it isn’t done overnight. It depends on the tattoo and where it is but the laser removal can’t be done fast. Because of this, you need to ensure you start the process way before you start your new job, otherwise it may not be off in time. If you have no time constraints, then great you can do it at your own leisure. You may have some light scarring, but the removal procedures are getting better all the time so depending on where this is it could be minimal.

Piercing Problems?

Getting certain piercings are find because they look good and if you take them out it looks no different. But, the latest trend of flesh tunnels forces a wider hole in your ear and as a result takes a long time to close up. They do close up however, but depending on how wide you went it could take a while. If you had a huge hole put in and now regret it, don’t worry too much. You can get surgery and get it down up so it looks as good as new. Be aware, this is counted as cosmetic so you will have to pay for the work. Other piercings can be problematic too, such as wider lip piercings and the like. The majority of them close up, so try not to worry too much. It is only the ones with wider bars that can cause issues. Remember to keep them clean, as the wider holes can accrue bacteria which can lead to unpleasant infections. If you do need surgery, ensure you go to a good surgeon so they can ensure the job is done to a high standard leaving you with minimal risk of complications.