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The Gift of Health

With father’s day approaching why not give the gift of life and health to your father.  Men across the world are beginning to wake up to the positive alternatives to smoking tobacco through vaporised e-cigarettes. With reports now stating that e-cigarettes are up to 95% healthier then tobacco based products, today is the perfect time to switch to this healthier alternative.

We are by no-means suggesting that e-cigarettes are healthy, because they are not. They are however much healthier then tobacco and can be considerably helpful in stopping or reducing tobacco smoking. Although the long term effects of e-cigarettes are yet to be discovered, it has been conclusively said that vaping is much healthier then smoking tobacco which kills over 480,000 people each year in the U.S alone.

So we have established that vaping is healthier then tobacco smoking, how am I going to persuade my Dad to give up a habit he has had for 40 years? Well quite simply, you do very little. Smokers who are actively trying to quit will go out a buy patches or e-cigarettes themselves without the need for someone to push a product on to them. If your Dad won’t budge, then buying an e-cigarette as a gift is the perfect disguise.


By buying an electronic cigarette as a gift, you are showing your father that you care about him and his health. It shows that you are also concerned about his financial well-being as switching to e-cigarettes on average saves individuals $3975 per year. Sure, during the first few days after father’s day the e-cigarette box will be gathering dust somewhere in the house. However psychologically the seeds of change have already been sowed. Hesitant smokers are more likely to try an e-cigarette if it is in the home rather than in the store. They may start slowly by replacing one or two cigarettes a day. This is still solid progress which in turn will improve your father’s health in the long run.

A perfect gift is something that someone needs but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. This is usually best demonstrated in the form of a C.D or a book that you know the receiver would enjoy, but need that little push in order to read or listen. The same can be applied to e-cigarettes, you know they need to change, they know they need to change, but they need a little push in order to get them there. So for this Father’s day, give the gift of life and health and together we can reduce the risk of cancer. For more information about cancer or the change to donate today check out the charity Cancer Care.

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