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An Award for Grant’s Whisky

Image by Thorsten Frenzel from Pixabay
Image by Thorsten Frenzel from Pixabay

I’m not a big fan of Grant’s.  I’m not saying I didn’t recently polish off a bottle, or even pour myself a dram out of choice on occasion, but in general I find it to be poorly balanced.  With an overpowering nose of baby-vomit, it definitely stands out in a taste test.  In fact, a few buddies of mine recently included this in a large (8 or 10 bottle) blind testing, and Grant’s came out at the bottom for nearly all of us.  Yet somehow, despite all of this, the International Wine and Spirits Competition has awarded the blend a gold medal.  Go figure

Five generations and over 110 years since its creation, Grant’s Blended Scotch has reasserted its credentials as one of the whisky industry’s greats by scooping Gold at the prestigious 2009 International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC).

In awarding a coveted gold medal to the classic Grant’s blend, which remains true to the original recipe created by Mr William Grant, IWSC judges described the classic Grant’s Family Reserve as quite simply a “gorgeous drink”, possessing “beautiful balance with the layers of flavour sinking into the tongue.”

Kate Athanasi, Grant’s Global Brand Director says: “We’re thrilled with the whisky experts’ award for the Grant’s blend, which endorses what drinkers have always loved about Grant’s – its sheer quality and taste.  Grant’s keeps going from strength to strength and is on track to cement its position as the classic Blended Scotch Whisky.”

The International Wine and Spirit Competition aims to promote the quality and excellence of the world’s best wines, spirits and liqueurs. Medals and trophies are the most prestigious honours awarded in the trade, representing the best of the best in the world of wine and spirits.

With its outstanding taste and iconic, triangular bottle shape, Grant’s Family Reserve is one of the world’s best loved and widely recognised blended Scotch whiskies. The Grant’s Master Blender selects only the finest single malt and grain Scotch whiskies to skilfully blend together, resulting in an intriguingly and deliciously structured blend, with a clean aroma and a sweetish fruity edge. Now enjoyed in over 180 countries, this year also marks 100 years since Charles Gordon, William Grant’s son-in-law, set off on an epic 12 month tour, introducing Grant’s to the world.

Apparently my tastebuds don’t count for much, but give it a try.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Especially if the baby-vomit odour is as overpowering to you as it is to me.  For those of you with a trained palate, I suspect the Whisky Wheel would classify this as “sickly.”