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Afbeelding van Pexels via Pixabay
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Afbeelding van Pexels via Pixabay

I made it into a local pub in North Carolina last night, and after my colleague ordered a PBR, I ordered a dram of Macallan 12, which I spotted on the shelf.  Suffice it to say I was astounded at the difference in bills.  These were their regular prices – no specials or anything:

Can (12oz) of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer:
Liquor store: $1.00
Pub: $1.50
= Markup of 50%

Ounce of Macallan 12:
Liquor store: $43 /bottle = $1.60
Pub: $10.75
= Markup of 572%

OK, I’ll agree the math isn’t perfect, but regardless it’s completely ridiculous.  How do pubs get off with drastically overcharging for scotch and premium spirits?  Is the type of drink we enjoy indicative of what we’re willing to pay?  Are scotch drinkers richer than beer drinkers?  Or more accurately, are scotch drinkers less intelligent and more gullible than our beer drinking peers?  Pour me a beer, please, bartender.

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